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Once upon a time there were two girls called Kate and Nicola who met in college studying theatrical makeup in 2003. A chance encounter that has since changed the faces of Liverpool (literally) for good. With their love of creative fashion and theatre makeup combined,the two girls had a dream ,that one day they would together rule the makeup world.

Still on our quest, we are delighted to share with you our fabulous one of a kind, words can’t describe, makeup studio in the heart of the Liverpool. Having grown our family along the way, our now team of 13 welcome you to come and experience what ‘Peaches’ is all about.

Our concept is to provide a celebrity service for the everyday girl. We provide a range of makeovers and hair styling for all occasions and ages, making you look and feel the best you’ve ever felt.

Having launched our own range of false Eyelashes, pigments and brushes we look forward to keeping you updated on what lies around the corner for ‘Peaches’ next via our blog.

We hope that our story inspires you.

The Peaches xxxxx

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The latest News from Peaches & Cream

Last night I held a casualty themed makeup competition for all the staff…. Nic being Nic went off theme and recreated Mystique from X men but I expected nothing less!

As prizes were involved they all really stepped it up a gear! Apart from Tanya who crumbled under the pressure of working with Derma Wax for the first time. For those of you not in the know its a really sticky wax used to make fake skin. For those of you in the know you’ll remember feeling the same when you first tried out the product back in college!

Casey & Laura mixed up the theme incorporating terminator and reptile effects into their designs. I applied a homemade prosthetic brain to my fella (that I had pre made by covering a brain jelly mould in latex) . We initially decorated it with fake fishing maggots but in this case we decided less was more and took them off ( not like me I know!)

Ella was the little star of the night. Having no previous experience or training in sfx makeup other than a in-house training sesh with me the other day, she fearlessly tackled 2 halloween classics ‘ The Chelsea Smile’ and ‘ The Pencil through the nose’. Cool, Calm & Confident she never fails to impress me ( and everyone else) with her perfectly executed techniques.  She was narrowly beaten to a prize by the 3 winners but I’m sure she preferred getting nearly 5000 likes on instagram for her finished look!

Mine & Nic’s 3 chosen winners were Rosie, Katie & Kre. Rosie manages our online shop and has NO makeup training. I challenged her with a quirky alien style look that on completion we christened ‘ The Piranha’ . Katie put lots of effort in prior to the comp creating her gory flesh masquerade mask. Her finished look would be a great idea for a Gatsby style halloween look.

The undisputed winner of the comp had to go to Kre. Other than what I’ve taught her and what she’s seen on you tube she has no formal sfx training. She accepted the massive challenge I gave her to recreate another Halloween cult figure ‘Harvey Dent’ from batman….. and she smashed it! I’m so proud of her. It’s so rewarding for me to see the girls learning new skills and producing such amazing work!

The added bonus of last night is that all of the girls creations saw our Instagram followers climb past the 100K figure. This is such a massive achievement for us all and we’d like to thank all of our followers for supporting us and helping us to do this!

Hope you all enjoy the pics and have a great weekend! Theres still 15 days to go till Peaches & Scream and there’s plenty more creative fuel in the tank!

Big Peach xxx

Little Katie here!

Yesterday was our very first Kardashian Makeup Masterclass and it was a major hit ! Not only was it our first class of this theme it was our Peach Ellas first ever Masterclass and she was amazing!! I love teaching with her and she was of course my beautiful model as well! We are so grateful and thankful for everyone coming , we had people fly over from ireland and people travel from Newcastle , Manchester and Scotland . It means so much to us that people are willing to travel that far to come to our classes. Thank you to all the scousers that attended too we hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did! As yesterday was such a hit we have decided to host another class in November ! It will be on a Wednesday the 26th of November and we will hold two classes at 12.30pm and 4pm . The class will cost £45 and you recicve 10% on the day off all products and everything in store , you will not need to bring any models as this is just a demonstration class and to secure your booking you need to pay in full amount when you book please call 01512271669 :) xxx

Today the Peaches and Scream fun continues with a ‘Cogsworth’ makeover on Rosie using a prosthetic piece from fx warehouse! xx

Peaches and cream masterclasses schedule for end October/ November.

At Peaches we now offer two types of hair lessons – Nic runs a fabulous hair up masterclass which is £30 per person ! This is perfect for hair dressers or salons to come learn the newest biggest creative styles! You will be shown three different styles , how to build hair up high add all types of hair extensions / pieces, shown how you can decorate your hairups and be shown through the fabulous peaches and cream hair range !
Bec runs a class for the everyday girl that is interested in learning how to apply the hair pieces in there own hair here you will be shown through our fabulous range of ponys and weaves  the class is £30 , £15 of which will be redeemable against products instore!
To secure a place at any of these classes you will need to call the salon and pay in full for the class. Please note these may be the last classes before Christmas so it’s advisable to avoid disappointment to book as soon as,
Here is a list of the upcoming dates available
Tue 21st oct 2pm Becs (pony and weave class) £30 of which £15 is redeemable
Thu 23rd October 2pm Nicolas hair master class (3 updo demonstrations ) £30
Tue 11th Nov 2pm Becs (pony and weave class) £30 of which £15 is redeemable
Thu 13th November 2pm Nicolas hair master class (3 updo demonstrations ) £30
Tue 25th  November 11am Becs (pony and weave class) £30 of which £15 is redeemable
Thu 27th November 2pm Nicolas hair master class (3 updo demonstrations ) £30
Becs (how to apply your pony and weave class )  £30 (£15 of which is redeemable against products on the day )
We look forward to meeting you and being able to share with you our knowledge and skills to help you recrate our peachy perfect looks xxx
Lots of Love Nicola and Bec

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