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Once upon a time there were two girls called Kate and Nicola who met in college studying theatrical makeup in 2003. A chance encounter that has since changed the faces of Liverpool (literally) for good. With their love of creative fashion and theatre makeup combined,the two girls had a dream ,that one day they would together rule the makeup world.

Still on our quest, we are delighted to share with you our fabulous one of a kind, words can’t describe, makeup studio in the heart of the Liverpool. Having grown our family along the way, our now team of 8 welcome you to come and experience what ‘Peaches’ is all about.

Our concept is to provide a celebrity service for the everyday girl. We provide a range of makeovers for all occasions and ages, making you look and feel the best you’ve ever felt.

Aswell as Makeup and Hair styling we also offer a range of quick fix beauty treatments, including nails, spray tans and brow shaping in our boutique style beauty lounge Flamingo Island.

Having launched our own range of false Eyelashes in Topshop, we look forward to keeping you updated on what lies around the corner for ‘Peaches’ next via our blog.

We hope that our story inspires you.

The Peaches xxxxx

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The latest News from Peaches & Cream

Hi peeps

It’s MARE its here as you may know I’m now NANNA MARE as Cath and Jack have had a beautiful baby boy George …at the time as she went into labour my mum broke her hip and arm and was in the royal ….I needed something to do to DE-stress so I came up with the idea of making pretty fascinators for Aintree Races ……due to their huge popularity and sell out I’m continuing to create more for weddings ..races….festivals…each one is a one off as I don’t plan beforehand , I make as I go along ……anyway hope you all have a very HAPPY EASTER and big thanks to all my customers love and snugs MARE XXXXXXX

Over the last few weeks I’ve been helping Little Katie with her masterclasses. They’ve been a massive success with clients coming from as far as Scotland to learn Peaches tricks of the trade!

For Spring we’ve decided to introduce a new masterclass. We will be teaching you how to do a cut crease eyeshadow with a contoured base as seen on Ella in the pics! Both of these techniques are very popular on instagram so we thought it would be good to offer something new especially for clients who’ve already been and learnt the other looks we teach but want to learn more.

The class is suitable for everyone from beginners to experts!

The cut crease/contour class will take place on Tuesday 29th April at 1pm and 5pm and Tuesday 13th May at 12pm and 4pm. You watch a 90 minute demonstration of the look Ella is wearing then you get 10% off all purchases made in store. The class costs £30 just call the salon on 0151 227 1669 to book your place!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Big & Little Kates xxx


Little Katie here!

Races at Peaches is over for another year! Races week is one of the busiest craziest hardest weeks here at Peaches with normally 6am starts! We’re normally zombies by the Saturday morning but this year it was 7am start and we were all surprisingly fresh for the entire weekend which certainly made us enjoy peaching everyone ten times more than we already did!

The atmosphere in the shop is brilliant when races time is here all the gorgeous clients getting peached , coming in their outfits , races bets going off between us lot in the shop, banter going off who’s going to win what! Normally when we write about the races there’s always a little drama or story to tell (like the year that Big Mare was being too nuts and knocked over all of Kate’s makeup!),  but this year we were extra organised and everything went to plan! It all went smoothly. Big Mare and P Didd (Kate’s mum and dad) did there yearly visit to the shop mare got peached and off they went to the races! Over all  races week was a hit !(as always) ;)


Today I had an absolute scream with Jenny & Michael from Dublin! Both self confessed peaches fans, Jenny’s fella suprised her with a Peaches appointment for her birthday. She brought along her cousin Michael who wanted to learn a drag look for his alter ego Teana Biscuit.

So everyone know’s this kinda thing is right up my street…. and Michael was a natural, it’s like he was destined for drag! A literal ” Queen of Blending”. It was a pleasure to teach someone so talented and help him create a new look for himself!

The finished look incorporated lots of lit glitter… Magic Dragon on the brows, Marilyn Monroe on the lid and a perfect pout of Glittergasm!

After fun & frolics from the Irish duo we sent them in the direction of The Slug and Lettuce for 2 for 1 cocktails with Michael hiding behind Jenny’s Dior shades looking the double of Chris Jenner!

We offer makeup lessons for any look you fancy learning, so call the salon tomorrow on 01512271669 to book. A one hour session with one of our makeup artists costs £25.

Big Peach xxx

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