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Once upon a time there were two girls called Kate and Nicola who met in college studying theatrical makeup in 2003. A chance encounter that has since changed the faces of Liverpool (literally) for good. With their love of creative fashion and theatre makeup combined,the two girls had a dream ,that one day they would together rule the makeup world.

Still on our quest, we are delighted to share with you our fabulous one of a kind, words can’t describe, makeup studio in the heart of the Liverpool. Having grown our family along the way, our now team of 13 welcome you to come and experience what ‘Peaches’ is all about.

Our concept is to provide a celebrity service for the everyday girl. We provide a range of makeovers and hair styling for all occasions and ages, making you look and feel the best you’ve ever felt.

Having launched our own range of false Eyelashes, pigments and brushes we look forward to keeping you updated on what lies around the corner for ‘Peaches’ next via our blog.

We hope that our story inspires you.

The Peaches xxxxx

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The latest News from Peaches & Cream

This afternoon it was Bec’s chance to get creative down in the hair department. In search of some inspiration we sent her in the direction of Game of Thrones as we have a few die hard GOT fans amongst The Peaches . With so many amazing styles to choose from, Bec created a mish mash of Daenerys , Sansa & Cersei all rolled into one using a combination of 3 Peaches Curly Weaves, 4 medium bun rings, braids , plaits , snake plaits and a gorgeous GOT style gold headdress! (What a mouth full!) Now as you can imagine all of that weighed an absolute tonne…… no prob  for our weave Queen Casey who was modelling as she wears at least 2 weaves on a daily basis!

Big Peach xxx


Today I wanted to practice using another prothetic sculpting gel that I bought from Imats. Its flesh coloured so looks more realistic than the clear/white version of 3rd degree that I used for poison ivy yesterday. Sorry If I’ve lost you with all this sfx jargon. The sculpting gel consists of 3 different components that when mixed together form a thick gel that can be sculpted onto the skin to create 3d effects. It then sets to a hard gel that can be painted.

The system that I used today is available to buy from Guru makeup Emporium a one stop online shop for all your makeup needs.

Rosie my sister (our online store manager) was eager for a chance to get in my makeup chair with a grotesque google image for inspo. With the help of Kre & Nic mixing up pots of the gel we created 2 eye holes then dribbled it across the lips to close them . With sculpting gel you really need to be patient for it to set…. something Nic finds hard ha ha. Once set I added colour and details using a skin illustrator palette. These are fab once they dry as the don’t rub off on contact which does mean red raw skin when you scrub it off!

Finished off with 2 backcombed bunches she was ready to hit the Sweeting Street Alley to strike a pose!

Something a bit more scary in contrast to yesterday’s Sexy poison ivy…

Enjoy the pics…. Keep your eye on the blog we are just warming up!

Big Peach x



With all the new students flocking to Liverpool the past week, Liverpool One’s Student Discount has started! All the stores in Liverpool One have discounts available for the students starting at 10% and Peaches have decided to get stuck in along with Miss Selfridge. We were invited to do another Peaches Pop Up in Miss Selfridge based in Topshop to get involved with the student vibes and atmosphere through Liverpool this week!

We packed up our stuff and it was lovely to see Peaches Pop Up signs from our Glasgow Pop Up as it brought back lots of great memories! It was really funny wheeling all our Peaches products through Liverpool, it felt like we were a more pink and girly version of The Chuckle Brothers…”To me, to you!” When we arrived at Miss Selfridge, we set up near the Topman entrance (which we were loving!)

When we arrived, we transformed our Pop Up section from plain to Peachy by adding balloons, Pop Up signs and all things pink! we quickly got selling and had loads of fun talking to all the new students in Liverpool about Peaches and we were excited as they were!!!

All in all, we had a fab day and it was great to meet new people and work in Miss Selfridge! xx

Our favourite time of year is finally upon us! We don’t wait until the 31st October to celebrate Peaches & Scream… the festivities and prep start the first week of October and last all month. We’ve spent all summer brain storming ideas and can’t wait to start getting creative.

Last year Kre really shone at the sfx makeup with her version of Batman character Harvey Dent. Always one to embrace a challenge today she decided to try a Voodoo Doll makeover that we found on Ellie Mac’s You tube Channel. Using masking tape and layers of tissue paper and latex she created some DIY prosthetics for her mouth, neck and eyes adding stitches ( before she applied them to her face) with a large needle and some brown tatty string. To add colour she used one of the Skin Illustrator palettes we picked up at the IMATS , finishing the look with an over sized button for an eye, some voodoo pins made from mascara wands and of course a splash of fake blood.

Then it was time to hit ‘ THE ALLEY’ ….. Peaches is located next to a creepy alley way called Sweeting Street thats part of the official Shiverpool tour. It also plays host to lots of our Peaches & Scream makeovers.

I love this idea so much it could be adapted to create a mummy or even a pumpkin face. Even though you wouldn’t think it Kre said it was really comfy to wear.

Over the next few weeks we will be trying out lots of different looks to give you inspiration for this Halloween so keep your eyes on the blog!

Big Peach x


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