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Once upon a time there were two girls called Kate and Nicola who met in college studying theatrical makeup in 2003. A chance encounter that has since changed the faces of Liverpool (literally) for good. With their love of creative fashion and theatre makeup combined,the two girls had a dream ,that one day they would together rule the makeup world.

Still on our quest, we are delighted to share with you our fabulous one of a kind, words can’t describe, makeup studio in the heart of the Liverpool. Having grown our family along the way, our now team of 8 welcome you to come and experience what ‘Peaches’ is all about.

Our concept is to provide a celebrity service for the everyday girl. We provide a range of makeovers for all occasions and ages, making you look and feel the best you’ve ever felt.

Aswell as Makeup and Hair styling we also offer a range of quick fix beauty treatments, including nails, spray tans and brow shaping in our boutique style beauty lounge Flamingo Island.

Having launched our own range of false Eyelashes in Topshop, we look forward to keeping you updated on what lies around the corner for ‘Peaches’ next via our blog.

We hope that our story inspires you.

The Peaches xxxxx

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The latest News from Peaches & Cream

I’m really excited to be able to offer some of our hairpieces at discounted rates for other hair stylists to use in their work. I myself know how hard it can be to recreate amazing hair ups with a limited amount of a clients own natural hair. Just a small amount of synthetic hair to add in can make all the difference! At Peaches we charge between £10 to £30 for extra hair added to a style depending on how much we use. The Peaches wholesale hair bundle contains 12 flicky multi purpose hair pieces in 12 mixed shades (one of each ) that can be worn as a weave, extra large ponytail, half up half down, neat messy or swirly up do , they can be cut to make plaits, ropes and twists or cut to create mixed shades ! They can also be used under natural hair to bulk out your hair ups to create the massive hair your clients want! They really are the solution to your ‘not enough hair’ dilemma’s!
Perfect for stylists to add to hair ups to recreate peaches styles , the pieces arrive ready to use ( up boxed) in one of peaches bags for life, so great for mobile hair dressers to carry around with them.
This exclusive offer costs £160 inc. postage RRP £360 while stocks lasts!
These can only be purchased as the full colour range, one shade of each and are only available to buy online or pre order over the phone for collections ( call 01512271669).

We also offer a Wholesale plait bundle in a good mixture of 25 shades and plaits bleach to black . This contains a mixed amount of fish plaits, ropes and normal plaits.
This costs £160 including free postage RRP £192.
This also arrives in our peaches bag for life so it’s easy for mobile hairdressers to carry around.

If you have any questions about this offer please email me [email protected]

Or click on this link to purchase http://shop.fabulousmakeup.co.uk/product/wholesale-hair-bundle

It’s been a while since my last creative blog…. you may remember I went through a stage of creating animal makeovers?! Well I promised Katie that I would one day turn her into an elephant! No- not as a joke, she actually really loves them. Last year she spent a week of her summer shovelling elephant dung in an elephant orphanage in Thailand!

Obviously elephants are grey & wrinkley- nothing to get my artistic teeth into. But Ganesh – now he’s my kinda elephant. Ganesh is the Hindu God with an Elephants head, he is the Lord of beginnings and the remover of obstacles. The image of Ganesh is spectacular, something that I couldn’t wait to recreate.

I made the accessories for todays blog weeks ago but Katie’s been jam packed with lessons so today was the first chance we got to play! I used an elasticated elephant trunk that you can buy from Smiffys, sprayed it pink and used face paint to camouflage the joins on Katie’s face. For the Ears I used thin pink foam from Rennies again painted with facepaint. I did have some polystyrene tusks ready but caught up in the moment we completely forgot about them! It was a joint Peaches effort with Elle & Bec painting her limbs pink, Kre arranging the pillows & flowers, Rowie taking the pics and photoshopping the four arms on the final image…. and Lau tidying up after us all while serving customers and answering the phone ( she really is superwoman)! Oh and Katie was very well behaved, didn’t twitch (not much) and made the most elegant elephant!

I have plenty more creative ideas up my sleeve to share with you all… I promise to make sure I find the time.

Hope you enjoyed,

Big Peach x

Little katie here …… So today has been one of my top five best days at peached as some of you may know I have a rather large love and obsession with elephants ! Last year I went and worked in an elephant orphanage in Thailand which made me more of a geek to elephants ! So a fair few moths ago Kate texts me and sends me all pictures of Ganesh the Hindu god! And says she’s making me into this well I nearly wet myself when I found out so for weeks and weeks it was planned but for many reasons such as the races the shop being too busy it kept getting put off well it was well worth the wait I can tell you that! Kate had hand made a head piece weeks ago which is one of the one amazing things I’ve ever since made from paper party plates ( from Caths baby shower haha) and all random necklaces and beads! So from the head piece to the prosthetic trunk to getting painted pink I was finally a fully pink Hindu elephant in the shop today! Kate hand painted me her self then help from all the girls in the shop to set the background and paint my legs ready for the shoot to go down ! Once all photographs had been taken it was in the Rowie’s hands to re create and edit the picture by photoshopping my arms so I really was Ganesh !!! Hope you all enjoy the pictures as much as me and Kate
It’s of love little katie and Kate d xxxxxx

Hey Huns!

Last week I got to peach Lateysha from MTVs The valleys. I love her soooo much, she always has me laughing when I watch her on the programme!

I first tweeted Lateysha about the TV show and her on it, she then followed me on Twitter as she saw that I am a makeup artist and work in Peaches. She was messaging me about wanting to come for a makeup lesson and I told her we would be made up for her to visit the shop! Two weeks ago I heard she would be in Liverpool so gave her a message telling her on the Friday we can fit her in for hair and makeup. She was made up and well up for it! I couldn’t believe I was going to be doing her makeup after watching her on a TV show every week!!

When she came in she got her hair done first. Nic did a gorgeous pony updo with a weave for her. When I got to finally meet her I did a gorgeous brown and black half smoke on her! She was so lovely exactly how I imagined her to be and she was so thankful for us getting her in the shop and doing all of this for her. With her makeup I used peaches pigment ‘posh’ on her lid blended with black and darker browns in the corners! I then did a contoured base and flawless highlighting for her night out. I was nervous to do her makeup at first in case she didn’t like it or something went wrong but she loved the whole thing which gave me a confidence boost!! She booked in for the next day which was the Saturday and lucky for me I got to do her makeup again! The following day she became a bit more lively and comfortable around us, I loved how she was just being herself dancing in the makeup chair haha! That day she wanted her makeup more natural on her eyes and more focused on her base. She liked the way I had a flicked liner but still wanted it dark so I did a full brown smoke on her ‘posh smokes’ as we call it in Peaches! I topped it off with a black flicked liner! On her base she got a full on contour which is my fave thing to do!! She looked amazing on both nights I’m so happy I got to meet her and even better actually do her makeup she is such a lovely person and has such a gorge face. I can’t wait to meet her again!

Lots of love Ell xxxxx

Hey everyone,

As you all know people had been entering Peaches competition to win a free makeover. Some of the stories really touched my heart as some of them I could relate to which made them even more emotional to read. We picked two of the stories at random and one we picked ourselves. The one we picked ourselves was about a young girl called Beth, who had been living with scoliosis. Only 2 years ago at the age of 16 she got the courage to have a operation to help treat the scoliosis. This operation could have also paralysed her. I related to this story as my auntie has the same condition but hasn’t gone for the operation yet! When Beth came in she told me about the operation, she was down in surgery for hours! For the past 2 years she has been in therapy learning how to walk properly again. She has been so brave going for an operation that could have paralysed her. She has been so courageous! It was a pleasure to meet her and I hope she had the best birthday, she deserves it!

Lots of love Ell


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