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Once upon a time there were two girls called Kate and Nicola who met in college studying theatrical makeup in 2003. A chance encounter that has since changed the faces of Liverpool (literally) for good. With their love of creative fashion and theatre makeup combined,the two girls had a dream ,that one day they would together rule the makeup world.

Still on our quest, we are delighted to share with you our fabulous one of a kind, words can’t describe, makeup studio in the heart of the Liverpool. Having grown our family along the way, our now team of 13 welcome you to come and experience what ‘Peaches’ is all about.

Our concept is to provide a celebrity service for the everyday girl. We provide a range of makeovers and hair styling for all occasions and ages, making you look and feel the best you’ve ever felt.

Having launched our own range of false Eyelashes, pigments and brushes we look forward to keeping you updated on what lies around the corner for ‘Peaches’ next via our blog.

We hope that our story inspires you.

The Peaches xxxxx

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The latest News from Peaches & Cream

Hiiii guys Bec here!

I want to tell you abit about our amazing new range of gorgeous flicky weaves! There are 13 fab new shades to choose from! We have 7 shades of blonde where as normally we only offered 3 shades! They range from: Swedish blonde being the blondest blonde, golden blonde having a very fine mix of blonde and dull blonde running though it, honey blonde dip dye has a very fine mix of 3 blondes dull blonde golden blonde and bleach blonde with the ends being a bright bleach blonde, natural blonde is similar to golden blonde but less yellow tones, ash blonde is a very ashy colour with a mix of low lights running through it, light mousey is the darkest of the blondes it’s more of of Virgin blonde hair colour, strawberry blonde is similar to light mousey but more of a ginger blonde! Being blonde myself I know it’s hard to find your perfect match but with these 7 shades I can match to 3, natural blonde, honey blonde dip dye and light mousey, as I have a dark base but light ends. So it just depends what look you prefer!! Next stop – calling all the gingers!!!! At last we have 3 colours for you to choose from! Ginger which is a bright ginger tone matching more the natural ginger girls, then we have natural ginger which is a mix of dull ginger and bright ginger tones matching still natural ginger girls and dyed ginger and auburn is a dark red ginger. Then on to the browns we have a chocolate brown which is perfect for natural brown hair, dark chocolate and expresso brown is the deepest dark chocolate we have! We have found that this colour is perfect for Asian girls also! They are made out of synthetic hair so you can’t apply any heat and you don’t need to wash them just simply brush them through to get rid of any knots after wearing them! Depending on how you look after them will determine how many wears you will get out of it. Things that can damage your weave can be jewellery, sequin clothing, not brushing it, perfume, heat, sleeping in it and also make sure you either place it back in your peaches weave box or hang it up! The price of our amazing new flicky weaves are £30 and there is also a wholesale weave bundle available for anybody interested in this we offer 10 weaves with a 10% discount. If you would like to have a free colour match just pop down to the shop and myself or casey will match you to your perfect colour or if you can email a picture of your hair to colourmatch@fabulousmakeup.co.uk and we will try our best to match your colour :)

To buy your shade visit shop.fabulousmakeup.co.uk


xximage2 image22 image23 uhfge weave DSC_0038 DSC_0034

Introducing to you all the new peach on the block Cassie! She joined the team back in April and has barely stopped for breath in between colour matching clients for weaves and ponytails.

Just to keep everyone up to date we have a new range of curly blow weaves available in 13 new shades. These can be purchased in store if you call in for a colour match with  Cassie and they can also be purchased online. They are the perfect solution to all your frizzy holiday hair nightmares. If you can’t get into the salon email colourmatch@fabulousmakeup.co.uk a photo of your hair in natural daylight for advice on what shade will suit you best!

Hey guyss!
So yesterday I tried something different on my gorgeous model Alex! The makeup I done was inspired by Shrinkle the founder of Sugarpill who I met the other week at London IMATS. I done a more colourful out there makeup rather than a makeup a client would ask for on a night out. I just done whatever I thought looked good step by step and didn’t have a plan in my head at first, just went for it! Kate asked me to do this look to promote the glitters and eye shadows on Peaches new website!!

To start off my makeup I started with the eyes, I covered Alex’s eye in true match foundation shade Honey and then went over the foundation with Urban decay eye primer to help make my bright eyeshadows even brighter! I then used MAC primary yellow pigment to highlight the brow bone and tear duct, I then blended MAC white pigment into the yellow in the crease of her eye and up.. After that I moved onto Lime crime products using  Lime crime ABRACADABRA hot pink loose eyeshadow all over her lid and blended out and up into the white pigment. Underneath her eye I used Lime crime SHOE ADDICT pigment which is a bright blue shadow blended from the yellow in her tear duct and out around 4cm under the eye then from the blue I blended into that to the outter corner of the eye Lime crime EMPRESS which is a purple colour to help me create a colourful smoke underneath the eye! On the lid I then used Lit glitter True romance which is a bright pink so went fab with the pink pigment. Then I mixed Illamasqua sealing gel with Lime crime SHOE ADDICT blue pigment to create a liquid liner I used this on the top lash line and took it out to a flick and then used it all over Alex’s brows to create big blue eyebrows!! To top it all off I used Peaches number 5 fab lashes.

Once I’d wiped it all away I then started my contouring! Using my favourite 2 products Illamasqua skin base foundation in shade 1 which is a white colour and then AOM contour stick in shade medium.. I used the skin base under her eyes, down her nose up into her forehead, between her cheekbones and jaw line and on her cupids bow! I used AOM under her cheekbones, along her temples on her forehead down the outer of the bridge of her nose and under her jaw line. I then blended that all in by using True match foundation in shade Beige mixed with Bobbi brown foundation in Warm almond 6.5 to create a colour that will help the contouring blend flawless. I then powdered it with MAC blot powder in shade light. After this I started to chizzle her away with Anastasia Beverley hills contour kit, Using it on her cheek bones, under her jaw line and around her forehead. I then used AOM Sunkissed highlight powder as a blusher mixed with MAC Pinch me blusher and then blended over the top of the blusher Peaches pearl highlighter for a glow! On the lips I simply put a bright pink lipstick on her Barry M number 52 and then used the Lit glitter True romance glitter again and put it over the lipstick for gorgeous glitter lips! Once I Was done I mixed up EMPRESS purple pigment again with Illamasqua sealing gel for a liner and on one eye just drawn on two flicks coming down from her water line and on the other eye I used my liner brush to do a fine line little swirl! I didn’t really know what to do on this part but I just used my imagination to help make the makeup look even better and more colourful! I hope use all loved this makeup as much as I did, its something different and fun to experiment with!! Fab for summer, go wild with make up!!        Lots of love Ella! xxxx

Hii everyone Ella here!

Last weekend Me, Kate Don and Rose Gallagher had the chance to go to IMATS London! A makeup trade show that gives different makeup brands the chance to come together and sell their products that are hard to purchase in a regular high street store. Kate brought lots of amazing products for me and the girls to use in the shop on our clients so today I had an experiment with them all myself..

At IMATS I was inspired by all the women there who all looked so flawless, their makeup was  unusual but stunning. The main thing about their makeup that stood out to me was the flicked eyeliner which I am obsessed with … but they had flicks on the inner corners of the eye not just the outer corner.

My favourite stand on the show was AOM cosmetics (Artist of Makeup) invented by Zukreat a well known celebrity makeup artist all over, she’s such an inspiration and has done amazing with her youtube account and buisness! A gorgeous makeup range that has every kind of cosmetic you will need! From AOM we brought, 2 contour sticks, a full blusher pallet and some fab minx lashes! In the makeup I’ve done today I’ll tell you what I’ve used step by step to create my inspired look by these beautiful women!


To start off I placed a shadow shield  on each eye from the outer corners of my eyes up towards the end of my brow tale. I then completely covered my eyes with True Match foundation and Urban Decay eye primer. Next I used Peaches Pearl pigment to highlight my brow bone and tear duct. I then blended MAC Kid eyeshadow into the crease of my eye and up into the Pearl pigment.. After this I applied MAC Browndown eyeshadow which is a matte brown onto my lid and then blended MAC Brun eyeshadow up into the Kid eyeshadow!! Once I got it as dark as I could with the brown eyeshadows and I was happy with the blend I then pulled away the shadow shields!

After this I placed another shadow shield on each eye but this time I  placed it from the outer corners of my eyes but about 2cm lower down from the brown smoke . Then in-between the smoke and shadow shield I applied  a thin gold liner. To do this I mixed Illamasqua sealing gel with Sugarpill loose pigment ‘Goldilux’ to create a liquid eyeliner! To create the thin line I used Peaches £2.95 liner brush .  I couldn’t believe how amazing it went on as a liner from using the Illamasqua product! You could mix it with any loose pigment to create a fab liner. After this stage I removed the shadow shields to reveal the thin gold liner!

I then smudged MAC Browndown eyeshadow thick under my bottom lashes and then used Motives Onyx black eyeshadow on a thin angled brush and smudged it into my lash line very thinly! I smudged this up into the gold liner and left the end as a fine line flick!

Lastly! I used Motives Little black dress gel liner on top of my lashes took it up into the gold liner as a flick and then brought it down to my tear duct and created a flick .. I decided after coming this far that I wanted to add the gold liner into the inner corner of my eye as well.  After this I recreated my inner corner flicked black liner but underneath the gold liner to create 3 different lines!! This is what my makeup was based around… FLICKED LINERS! My favourite! To top it off I applied mascara and used my fave lashes at the minute … AOM’s minx lashes !! So fluffy and gorgeous !


On my brows I have simply used MAC Brun eyeshadow mixed with water and used a angled brush to make the tale of my brows darker and have them more faded as the get thicker at the front!


To start my base I used NARS ‘Orgasm’ sheer illuminator to highlight my skin.. I then used Illamasqua skin base foundation in shade 1 under my eyes down to my cheek bone, down the centre of my nose up into my forehead, on the bow of my lips and between by cheekbones and jaw line. I then used AOM contour stick in shade Medium on my cheek bone, around my temples, down the outer rim of my nose, and on my jaw line! To blend all this together I used Illasmasqua Skin base in shade 11US to create a perfect highlighted contoured base!!

I then powdered over the foundation with MAC blot powder in shade light to set my base. MAC Medium deep bronzer to contour around my temple, cheek bones and jaw line and over the top of that MAC Sweet as coco blusher to help define the bronzer. Then I used AOM Half baked blusher and Sunkissed powder highlighter, this highlighter is so golden and goes gorgeous over any blusher!


Barry M nude liner shade 5 and Barry M 150 lipstick mixed with Barry M number 2 wand my favourite brown/nude lips!!

I hope you have all loved my blog, just as much I loved doing it!! Thanks all for reading and feel free to email any questions to peaches makeup@icloud.com

Lots of love Ella xx

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