Monday mornings are no ones favourite, never mind when you’ve agreed to go and lie in a bed in a public place all in the name of art!
The Bed-In at the Bluecoat is a live art exhibition to celebrate John Lennon’s birthday and the anniversary of his assassination. Each day different artists and performers have taken over the bed recreating John and Yokos famous 1969 peace protest.
So when Rose, a crazy brummie who works at the bluecoat, approached us to take part in her slumber party the inner hippy in me said yes!
Anyway nursing a sore head from the weekend’s festivities we threw some rollers in, the smokes on and hit Primark for some pjs.
It’s always the way that whenever you dread something its never that bad. While me and Nic lounged round reading mags and drinking tea, Rose ran round interviewing passers by about Beauty! All of this by the way was being streamed live on the net. A very surreal, yet entertaining way to spend a Monday morning.