What a day on Friday. Take 5 old ladies, 40 prom girls and a fairy godmother, offer the public the chance to win a golden ticket to Peaches and what do you get? Absolute chaos! Not to mention an Irish Photographer wanting to document it all for an international exhibition on Liverpool Glamour. Just what you need when you’re wearing your nans dressing gown in the effort to impress your new workmates, or so little Katie must have thought.
It won’t come as a surprise that taking part in Light Night was Rose’s idea. Light night is a cultural event were for one night the city stays up late.
We decided to offer the chance to win a golden ticket to Peaches and Cream. All you had to do was nominate the ‘light of your life’ to win the full range of Peaches treatments. Rose was dressed as a Miss Doubtfire style fairy godmother and to add to the spectacle we were all dressed in Katie’s nans clothes as her cronies. We all hit Pizza Express after work to go through the nominations, and after a few tears we decided to give out three golden tickets!