I’ve been back down to London this week to do Rebeccas makeup for her performance at the Grand Prix Ball. She looked gorgeous as always and I loved her lemon dress which she had styled herself. I’m amazed to read that the Daily Mail wrote that she behaved like a diva backstage. Firstly, what girl wouldn’t want to do a last minute lippy and hair check, and secondly, Rebecca is that chilled and easy going that I’m probably more of a diva when I’m doing the makeup than she is getting it done. It’s sad that the press create such a negative vibe about anything, and that we have to read it. How is anyone meant to benefit from such a story, when it would be far more uplifting to hear that the event raised £30,000 for the children’s cancer charity Clic Sargent, which is an almost after thought thrown in at the end of the article! Read Article