We were made up to be asked to take part in Anna and Sian’s wedding as part of the BBC3 tv show Don’t tell the bride! I can honestly say that what you see on the TV is 100% real. We got asked less than 24 hours prior to ceremony if we had availability to do it, and after a lot of moving things round we managed to free up 1 hour on an already full Saturday for Nic and Polly to do 4 hair and makeup! Creating the perfect Mission Impossible scenario that the program makers rely on to put on a good show. The rest of us at the shop had front row seats to all the action as the secret location for the wedding was the town hall, right opposite the shop. Anna, the nervous groom popped in before the ceremony with her best Lady to say thanks and we managed to talk them into abit of eyeliner and some blue nails courtesy of Scratch to match the linen suits with blue t-shirts and blue vans that they had on!