De aka Scratch Dollface returned for her summer slot just intime for Liverpool Pride at the weekend. I asked her to cover reception as Big Mares on holiday… not an easy set of shoes to fill. However, true to form Scratchy didn’t disappoint in her Katy Perry get up! Always full of big ideas I didn’t manage to get my act together intime to put on an event for Pride. We did manage to get into the spirit of things with my 11am appointment John, the only drag of the day! With a cleavage to rival mine created from afew excess pounds and A LOT of duct tape he must have been in agony, nothing though that his handbag busting with 5 bottles of wine and a long straw wouldn’t numb! Highlight of the day (infact the week) had to be John throwing himself against our glass shopfront at 5.30pm absolutely legless waving hysterically at us! Ha ha… More important than pride, one of our favourite clients Becky Blower was celebrating her 30th! After much afew trips to Harvey Nics and Harrods with Lauren she decided to keep it real with a gorgeous coral and gold baby doll dress with train from Mary Spendlove!
After what seemed like 30 hair and makeups I couldn’t summon the energy to go myself but Nic and Little Katie did the Peaches proud and made a pre garlands appearance!