I had another job on yesterday for Rebecca in London. She was singing at the Katie Piper Charity Ball in The Savoy. I decided to take Mum as a pre birthday treat! After 3 hours doing hair and makeup I came down to the parlour to find her surrounded by bags (no surprises) filled with old fashioned toys for herself, a handmade doll, a miniature statue of ‘The old lady who lived in a shoe’, a box of lauderee macaroons and a box of macaroons from ‘PAUL’ for my dad (cringe). We were escorted to our taxi by Claudie mums personal butler who had been waiting on her all afternoon. We laughed our heads off in the taxi, mum had asked for a pot of tea and the waitress had said “English Breakfast?” and mum was like “Oh no I’ve already eaten!” , probably in a posh voice like she’s in there every week, anyway she didn’t realize she was referring to the blend of tea! Classic Big mare ha ha ha. Anyway she said it was the best birthday she’d had in years!