After my little 'task' to nip round to Kates flat to pick up the remaining new glitters from Kates flat , I really got the urge to showcase my photography skills and get involved with our amazing new website! After CAREFULLY putting all of the new glitters into their pots I thought it would be a good idea (/Kate suggested!) that I do a quick step be step guide for all of the girls who want to know how we do our famous 'glitter smokes'. I used Little Katie as a model and quickly mustered up a smokey eye which would be suitable for a display of one or more of our gorgeous glitters. Using our new fixing gel (available to buy from the shop) , I carefully put the glue across Katies lid where I wanted the glitter to be. Using a suitable brush I placed the glitter across the lid and patted the glitter on, going back to the glitter pot a few times to get her eyes as sparkley as possible. The glitters I chose to use today where the ones named 'Kate' and 'Nicky' , so I knew this eye make up would stand out with those to big names in it! I wiped away the excess glitter and put a few finishing touches to Katies eye liner. I finished off Katies make up by giving her a fresh base, using colours to compliment the glitters a chose. I think the photos speak for themselves, the new glitters look amazing!! Easy to do and definately a look which stands out from the crowd. Get on it girls!

Polly Peach xx