Dont Tell the Bride - Link to iPlayer.

Its been around 3-4 months since we filmed Dont Tell the Bride. Late one Thursday night when we we're finishing off clients the producer came in and asked if we'd like to take part. Weddings being such a big part of Peaches , I love the show so jumped at the chance, however when automatically asking for dates, times and numbers etc it started to dawn on me that true to the nature of the show it was to be a very last minute booking... to say the least. Despite not knowing what lay ahead ( a nightmare for anyone who knows what a control freak I am) we agreed to take part and arranged to meet the groom the following day.... I was abit confused when the produced refered to she but soon caught on that it was a Lesbian wedding.

A very stressed groom arrived at Peaches in tears the following day  and revealed the wedding was the day after (Saturday)... now anyone who's tried to get an appointment on a Saturday at a weeks notice will tell you the chances are slim if none, so squeezing in a whole wedding party hair and makeup the day before is impossible, but then nothing is impossible for Peaches as we've proven. So after a quick move about of some appointments we pulled her out the 'poo' as Jade would say, and never one to miss a 'Mare'll fix it moment' Big mare arranged to make a mini mareband for the baby bridesmaid and some mareclips for the older ones! After leaving on a high I then had to break the bad news to Nic and Polly who I'd arranged to do my dirty work for me..." You've got an hour to do 4 hair and makeups", you can only  imagine what they said to me, I reassured that they would be ok and that atleast they didnt have to do the Brides hair but still don't think they were impressed!!!

The following day we all waited tense back at the shop hoping the girls had arrived on time and that it wasn't too much of a rush, and eager to see the bride and groom as they were getting married over the road at the Town Hall. I can't remember what time it was when Anna and Jade ( Groom and Best man) burst through the doors looking fab in there suits so we pimped them with abit of eyeliner and some blue nail varnish courtesy of Scratch. We got a big wave off the bride as she drove past, then Nic and Polly arrived back with tales of chaos but you can see from the footage  they did an amazing job anyway as I new they would.

Sian (the bride) and Anna came in the following week with thankyou cards and presents, they are a great couple and we wish them all the best for the future. If you didn't see the show you can watch it on BBC3  iPlayer it's one of the best episodes they've made.