Due to popular demand our new Super 10 Eyelash Bundle is now available to buy online! It provides makeup artists and lash fanatics with the opportunity of purchasing our eyelashes at a wholesale prices.  You get 10 sets of Peaches & Cream lashes for £30  RRP £50. A great rate in comparison to Eyelure Lashes which retail between £5-£7 a set and Mac Lashes at £10 a set. Make no mistake though just because they are cheaper the quality is not compromised , Peaches & Cream eyelashes reflect the high standards we have gained our reputation for, we're not talking about the cheap nasty lashes you can buy on ebay for 50p each !

Pictured are 5 sets of Style 27, 3 sets of Style 09 and 2 sets of Style 06... a selection that we feel would cover all types of clients when out freelancing over christmas or all occasions if you intend to wear them all yourself. You've got the 27's for the ' more is more' girls, the 6's for the ' less is more' girls and the 9's for the ' natural but noticeable" girls. However feel free to purchase your bundle and customise your order to whatever styles suit you by either emailing us or messaging us through paypal at the checkout stage of your order, and we'll be happy to amend your style choices.

So always looking for a chance to get done up and do a new blog , me and Nic got creative to demonstrate the difference between our 2 equally popular but completely different best selling eyelash styles 9 and 27. And as with anything we do it kinda all spiraled out of control!

Style 09 Eyelashes as pictured on the more natural side of the face, add length and volume to your natural lashes and compliment all eye shapes and  eye makeups by graduating longer towards the outer corners to give the eyes a slightly winged out look. They also look amazing when doubled up sixties style to create extra thick, fluttery lashes.

Style 27 Eyelashes as pictured on the more dramatic ( to say the least) side of the face look great with our signature glitter smokes. The lash tapers into points, creating a full yet gappy style that allows the colour or the glitter on the eyelid to show through when the eye is open. Do not be put off by the over the top nature of the photos ( we are both actually wearing 2 X 27's on the one eye), 27's are best sellers in the salon preferred for the glamourous finish they add to your eye makeup.

After making each other up and creating our drag alter-egos we headed down to The Polar Bar on Chavasse park for some mulled wine and shepherds pie and despite the stares Nic has decided that she would like a set of raised eyebrows for the christmas party! That girl never fails to outdo herself! What will be next????Watch this space. xxx