We think its time to introduce you to our favourite new neighbour Tanya Maxwell, the owner of Thirteen and Minnie Bee boutique! She designs and makes the most amazing dresses and coats, and between the 8 of us we've already got her up the wall with orders. The ultimate convenience when your too busy to go shopping like us... and I've even managed to tick a few presents off my list for my niece and nephew from Minnie Bee which sells the coolest in kidswear including the cutest Angels Face tutus that come in every colour imaginable and from age 1 upwards, I can't wait to see my baby cousin Kitty in the pink one mums got her for christmas!

So this week we've all had poor Tanya harassed with orders for the christmas party, I popped in Tuesday night and nearly wet myself when I saw her cutting up some tartan! I was like 'OMG your not' ... and she was like 'yeh I am'. For anyone who didnt see X Factor on Sunday you wont have a clue about the tartan dress Rihanna wore for her appearance A-MAZ-ING!!!!!!!!!!!....and definately blog worthy. So we arranged our first, hopefully of many photoshoots, for today and I didn't have to ask Rosie twice to do the modelling, she loved the dress so much she bought it! The dress looked amazing on her, I actually like the way Tanya's mixed it up a little with the longer sleeves, leather cuffs and lace collar so it doesn't look like a copy in the same way she has made her Gold Sequined 'Beyonce does Glastonbury' dress!

So slowly but surely the revolution of Dale Street has started, and we hope to attract more creativity to this end of the City!