OMG, What a crazy day this was! Kate AKA Devil wears Prada and Nicola AKA Avatar arrived at the shop at 7.30am to do their makeups. The other girls turned up one by one laughing at how Nicola had outdone her previous legendary Medusa outfit from Peaches and Scream 2009. There was Poison Ivy Polly, Liz as a Standard Sexy Cat, Little Kate as a dead fafi doll, Harry as Beetle Juice, De as a skeleton, Big Mare as Cruella/Black Swan and Rosaleen as . . . well no one could work out what she was, a zebra/lion halfbreed!? Kate had a little break and this was when Eyeleen (Kates little sister Rosie) was born. We all said Gaga would be jealous of this one! Funniest moment of the day was when Kate nearly sacked Big Mare for spilling her favourite M.A.C glitter over with excitement! We all had such a great day which ended up in our favourite Greek, Eureka. It was all too much for Avatar so she bailed home, she couldn't cope with being papped anymore! The rest of the Peaches partied the night away ending with thriller renditions in Rose's student halls taking shots out of one of eyeleens homemade eyeballs!