Beware if your out shoppin in L1 today, Big Mare is on the loose! Armed with her book of raffle tickets I've told her not to bother coming back till she's sold 1000! Just incase I've lost you... she's out raising money for Children in Need selling raffle tickets for the chance to win a Golden Ticket to Peaches & Cream. At just a £1 they're well worth the chance to win £160 worth of makeover treatments just intime for christmas! Don't panic though if your not in town today, we have extended selling up untill 7pm tommorrow night when we will draw the winner!

With fundraising well under way we've already had a charity spray tan victim in from the passport office. Amidst alot of heckling from his workmates, he was a good sport allowing Nic to transform him into Keith Lemon! Wonder if they've told him it'll be even darker tomorrow... and probably won't wash off till Wednesday????