To launch the NEW beauty section of our online shop we are offering 20% Off the whole Fake Bake range ONLINE ONLY!  For those of you alittle unsure about the difference between the different products in the range,  heres a guide to help you decide the best way to get golden this Christmas.

So you've got the ' Original ' which is as it says on the box. The bestselling, easy to apply, non streak tan that gives you the classic Fake Bake tan they are famous for. It's a thick lotion, and the dark colour makes it easy to apply so you know if you've missed any bits, unlike the colourless tans out there. It comes with gloves to apply, and for best results you apply it the night before you need your tan then wash it off in the morning to leave you glowing and golden. Everyones different, but for me the tan normally lasts  a couple of days and then is quite easy for you to scrub off once it starts to wear off.

Then there's ' Extreme' for the tan-aholics when the 'Original' doesn't quite satisfy your cravings. If the 'Original' is a week in Ibiza then 'Extreme' is 2 weeks in 'Barbados'.... SOLD? So are we!!!  For best results mix 'Extreme' either with an oil-free moisteriser or the 'Original' lotion to give you longer application time as the gel consistancy dries quicker and requires a fake tan pro to get it on quick and even. Again, this tan is best to apply the night before and needs washing off in the morning.

'Airbrush' is perfect if you've left it last minute and need to apply it on the same day. It still requires an 8 hour developement time, however the orangey smell and golden colour make it alot more wearable for going about your day without people noticing your tanned up to the eyeballs, however it still reveals a lovely golden tan once its washed off.  The best selling feature of the 'Airbrush' is it's application... once you've sprayed your tan on as quick and easy as a professional spray tan you'll never look back! Airbrush is also great for correcting a patchy tan, and will save the day just intime for that big night out!

So thats the self-tans... then there's the instant tans 'Perfection' and 'Shimmer'. Instant tans in the past have had a bad reputation for going patchy, feeling sticky, rubbing off on your clothes or blotching when it rains. So Fake Bake have a launched a range without any of these problems..... why should you have to wear tights or brave it like a ghost when you decide to go out last minute? (After all they are the best nights!) '

'Perfection' is fast becoming 'The Peaches' favourite tan. On a friday night we're too busy spray tanning half of Liverpool to do are own so 'Perfection' is the 'perfect' solution for a last minute quick fix tanning solution. The nozzle applicator makes it easy to spray and spread all over the body using the mitt provided in the box and it smells of the holiday you look like you've been on!!! Spray it on and your good to go... its as simple as that! And the best bit is you wash it off the following day and don't have to go through the whole rigmarole of hiding your patchy wrists as your fake tan wears off.

'Shimmer' is like a refined version of  Rimmel Sun Shimmer ( every girls guilty favourite)! This tube of shimmery, golden brown gel is best for topping up your tan,  correcting a tan disaster or creating those shimmery legs you saw on Beyonce at Glastonbury! An essential product for everyones makeup bag, its even nice to wear  alone or mixed with foundation to give your face a sunkissed glow.

And finally you've got The Fake Bake Bronzing compact. A  silky, golden,  shimmery bronzing powder that will chisel your cheekbones and highlight your skin leaving you looking flawless and ready to party another Peaches Make Bag Must-have!

So stock up now while stocks last. Hopefully this Christmas is to be full of great nights out, planned and last minute, for us all!