Back in February Therese Fielding  weighed 21st 8lb.... yesterday when she came in for her Christmas party makeover she walked in the salon 14st 8lbs !!!!! You can only imagine the screams and squeals from Big Mare!

Words can't describe just how amazing she looks! I just new Peaches needed to share this story and hope it inspires us all to realise what you are capable of when you put your mind to it! I obviously bagsied the chance to play Gok and do her makeup for my favourite before and after pics to date!

I know your all thinking how has she done this??? After loosing the 1st stone on her own through a healthy diet she joined Dorthy Rimmer's Rosemary Connerly class in Rainhill and has stuck to her diet and exercise classes ever since.

Heres what her daughter Katie ( who you may recognise from photos on our website) had to say..

' My mum can't believe how well she has done. I am so proud of her, she is a credit to all her friends & family and deserves every bit of praise that she gets. Shes my best friend & I love my gorgeous mum more than anything. Shes a clever girl!xx'