Merry Christmas everyone!

It's Rose here. I'm very pleased to be the one to fill you in on all of the action from the Peaches Christmas party last week (read on to find out why I've been chosen to deliver the gossip on this occasion). As I started to write this post I realised that there was too much to tell and I didn't want any of you to roll your eyes and revert to Facebook, so I gave myself the very difficult challenge of narrowing the evening down into ten top moments. Here's my countdown as to why this night was one of the best I've had.


Big Mare beating everyone to the title of Pole Dancer Extraordinaire. Don’t let her immaculate manners and pristine appearance lead you astray… Big Mare can bust a gut when she wants to and she put us all to shame.


The moment where the curtains opened in our enormous marquee to reveal our tables, and to the blasting sound of “BECAUSE WE CAN CAN CAN!” we all ran to find our seats. Ultimate moment of adrenaline! The Moulin Rouge theme to the event was warmly welcomed on this occasion and throughout the following performances.


Harry and Nic entering the dance competition. I tell you what, you shouldn’t be fooled by her six inch sky scraper heels, Nic is capable of many a high kick in those bad boys. Harry being the natural born mover that he is enabled the duo to execute a number of killer moves. They didn’t quite win the dance competition but there was no question as to who got the loudest cheers. Patrick Swayzee would have been proud!


Being thrown about like rag dolls on the boogie bus but being too busy being distracted by the laser beams to care. Picture J-Lo’s video for Waiting for Tonight and throw a load of Playboy symbols everywhere… that’s essentially what was going on during the boogie bus journey. Special mention to Polly Win who managed to remain standing for near enough the duration of the drive despite our driver taking many a sharp turn. A dedicated dancer.


The food and drinks! Picture the scenario… you’ve danced away the day’s calories on the boogie bus. You’re cold, the clock has gone eight, and you’ve been preparing for this banquet since four. Then, you get to your beautifully decorated table to find a bottle of Prosecco – each – waiting for you, and you are served a beautiful three course meal. We had everything from duck pate, cheese soufflé and chocolate orange mousse to faithful classics like rich gravy and crispy roast potatoes.


Making a dare with the devil… things got a little bit rowdy on the boogie bus (to say the very least) and Kate came up with a brainwave of an idea for me and Harry. As the only two single members of the group, we were both challenged to have a cheeky kiss with someone at the party. The winner would win £50.00 in cash. I re-negotiated this prize to be able to win a Peaches blog, and as the author of this post, I’m sure you can work out who exactly won her dare. Never underestimate the Brummie charm!


Receiving a cut-throat gesture from the security people because we were dancing during the stage performance… and point blank continuing to dance anyway!


Getting ready in the shop! It sounds mad but the night got off to a hilarious start before we’d even left. Rosie and I had some absolute classics blasting on the sound system, from Whigfield Saturday Night to Cher Believe. Nic gave us all amazing updos. Tanya was on hand to make sure a stitch in time saved nine after making amazing dresses for Kate, Polly and Rosie aswell as her own! Big Mare in her usual mother goose style reminded us that she’d stocked up remedies for every situation, from tampons to Resolve sachets!


Arriving at Knowsley Safari Park. The security came over to escort us over to the red carpet, informing us that the boogie bus had actually been bouncing. Rosie had made us such a wicked CD for the bus which had songs like N-Trance Set You Free and Urban Cookie Collective The Key, The Secret. None of us wanted to get off, so we took another fifteen minutes to bounce about, have one last swing on the pole and make sure we’d polished off the champers. All in all, the perfect preparation for the glorious evening that was awaiting us!


For me, the best part of the night out was that it was a rare opportunity to get everyone together. The Peaches night out isn't just about the makeup girls, it was for friends and family and for everyone that helps to make Peaches the hilarious place that it is. We had Tanya from THIRtEEN fashion pouring the bubbly, Cath Donnelly rocking a gorgeous floor length number with her ever startling genes, little Becky putting in an appearance as the favourite face of Peaches... it was a wicked chance to all have a laugh and reminisce about funny times during the year.

From the music to the food and, most importantly, the company, the Peaches Christmas night out was one of the funniest nights out of my life! I hope you enjoy the gallery.

Hopefully I will do something outlandish again soon so that I can write some more pieces for you, ha ha.

Have a brilliant Christmas and thank you to all of the clients who have given the out-of-towner such a warm welcome this year!

With lots of love from Rose xxxx