Tomorrow is going to be hectic, to say the least! I'm up at 7 to do my rollers, then off to do a wedding in Chester, then have a million new years eve makeovers to do, then I'm straight out to dinner at my favourite Greek restaurant Eureka! So there will be little time to make my wish bottle, let alone blog about it.
I've made a wish bottle every new years eve for the last 6 years. It started one year in the Aiggy arms and has since become an annual tradition. You fill it with yours, your friends and your families wishes for the coming year aswell as the following key ingredients....
1. A pinch of salt for luck.
2. Some sweets for food.
3. Some vitamins ( cod liver oil capsules my preferred choice) for good health.
4. Some money for fortune.
5. Random stuff of your choice that symbolise something important to you. For example this year mine contains a set of peaches lashes, a sharpie marker, a safety pin, a string of pearls and an ivy leaf.
6. A sprinkle of glitter for added luck and decoration.
You should also decorate the outside of your bottle with ribbons and glitter so she looks pretty for her voyage out to sea!

Once you've made your bottle blow some more kisses and wishes inside, then take it down the Mersey on New years day and throw her out to sea!

Hope you all have a great New Year!

Wishes and kisses,
Big peach xxx