I'm starting to think that me and Tanya from Thirteen are physic! 2 weeks ago I nipped in to see her about my dress for Chester Races. As soon as I mentioned Meadham Kirchoff we were both screamin 'No way!' Tanya was already planning to base some of her spring summer collection around their latest amazing designs.

Too impatient to wait till summer we've spent the last two weeks planning for todays Kawaii masterpiece. Inspired by the Harajuku girl tribes in Tokyo me and Rosie customised a pair of wedges using penny sweets, pom poms, sequins, marabou and barbie heads.

Rosie was the obvious model choice with her candyfloss hair which I backcombed into bunches complete with a quirky fake fringe. When it comes to Kawaii more is more however I didn't want to make the makeup too fussy although I couldn't resist drawing on afew freckles for extra 'strawberry shortcake' cuteness!

Challenged to say the least by the high heels and fake Kawaii nails we headed over to the carpark by The Pig and Whistle to take photos against the backdrop of Banksy's latest creation. Someone must of been looking down on us, as we even managed to get the rain we had been praying for so we could use the pastel coloured brolleys I bought as props!

Having Tanya next door is the best, and was definately ment to be. I might be able to sew a few Marebows but thats where my sewing talents end! This is only our second collaboration I'm just so excited for what other Peaches/THIRtEEN concoctions lie ahead!

Now for a word from the talent that is Tanya...

"It was Bigmare who brought Meadham Kirchhoff to my attention. It was December and straight away the pastel colours and overall "doll style" look of the collection was fresh and vibrant and the complete oppostite of winter's golds, glitters and anything sequinned.

For our version I stuck with the staple buttermilk shirt with exaggerated collar, cuffs and frill trim.
For the pinafore dress we went all out on colour clash. Lilac overall pinafore with bulky cross over straps and big pink false fastening buttons. The central focus of which being the heart shaped green-eyed doll face. For lower part of the dress I trimmed it in pom poms and puffed it out with layers and layers of Kirchhoff's key colour scheme chiffons.
A pretty pink tie sets off the (much loved) Harajuku image. I have taken key elements of Kirchhoffs collection, exaggerated details such as buttons, bows and pom poms and worked them into THIRtEEN.

Then you's take it to another leval by transforming Rosie into a real life doll accompanied by the mother of all shoe creations! And the look is complete! beast! "

Much Love

Tanya The Adopted Peach x