A week in the life of Scratch….OMG this week has been mental, I’ve only just stopped to breathe and tell you all about it.

If you don’t already know, when I’m not doing nails, I Live in London and I’m a full time secondary school teacher (Fashion & Textiles) so I rarely get a spare minute between getting down with the kids and painting nails.

This week I’ve been in peaches doing my usual unusual nail art, which included Royal Nails for Princess Kate’s Liverpool visit, Some epic Barbie claws, Valentines nails, Tribal nails inspired by the latest Marebows and I scratched out Rosie for the first time-between the two of us we custom designed a set of personalised nails, which included a tattoo of her boyfriends name a random pink cat, and a picture of Bob Marley (but that’s a future blog)!

As I’m not from Liverpool I’ve only just discovered Ryan Vintage and I can’t express my excitement for this shop enough! On my first visit I bought 5 pairs of retro leggings, each one in shiny spandex with crazy brightly coloured graphic prints. You either love them or hate them but the Peaches have a huge penchant for leggings. Needless to say, these have really inspired me for new nail designs. I have also been very inspired by the Pineapple dress on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, so much so that I am planning a whole new pineapple inspired theme!

As well as my regular nails I have also been working on some bespoke sets for Jeffery Michael, a fashion designer who has designed costumes for Jessie J and Groove Armada . His debut collection is hitting the catwalk on Sunday 19th Feb to mark the end of London Fashion Week. I can’t give away any details just yet but each set of nails is inspired by one of the amazing garments. The polish was supplied by O.P.I, which I am a huge fan of. Keep an eye out for this…I will have more news and pictures from the event soon, I have decided to wear a denim shirt with my Marebow as a dickie bow, I am very excited.

On Thursday I was 29! So I decided to treat myself, I’ve been so busy lately my whole body came out in a ‘stress rash’, according to the doctor I need to sleep more! However, I decided a spray tan from Nicola would help to cover it up, and it has, I have a wonderful  glow, except my right arm is sporting a leopard type effect due to the rash. I also got a facial from another salon, which has resulted in my left eye being almost swollen shut (I’m allergic to everything) so I’m writing this with squinting through one eye, looking rather attractive!

Last week my landlord announced that he was giving the house to his newly married son, therefore I have to move house (for the 5th time in 4 years)-major inconvenience!!! All of my belongings are packed and ready to move, so when I go back to London tomorrow (sob) I will be moving into my new house. I hope the next time I move it will be to Liverpool !!!

On the agenda for next week is Dance Rock Challenge, which is a huge international dance competition that my students are entering in London, the theme is top secret but I will be doing some very interesting body and face painting on 60 teenagers before they battle to win the title with their 7 minute piece. I am really looking forward to this as I get a lot of inspiration from my students and these type of school days are always the best-plus I get to inject a bit of the Scratchy spirit in to my life as a teacher.

Until next time me and my swollen eyelid are signing off, Big Love, Scratch x