Most people get a necklace or even a car (these days) for their 18th Birthday. Not me. I got a sewing machine! Unimpressed at first (no I had not asked for it, or even mentioned it) you could say it eventually grew on me! Once I started makeup college it got packed away in dad's tool cupboard up untill afew weeks ago when I dug it out to make the ever popular Marebow range.

Alot of the Marebows are made from vintage fabrics to give them that unique look everyone it going mad for. Perfect timing then for Ryan's Vintage to have opened, a  new shop at the top of Bold street. They have an amazing shop in Manchester that Rosie introduced me to before christmas. The best thing about Ryan's is that their prices are reflected in their 'Its not vintage, its second hand' attitude. So last week I picked up 5 dresses for around £60. All of which I picked for the fabric alone. On taking them home Bigmare refused to let me cut up the number Rosie is wearing. I too had secretly been thinking the same, so spared on by the success of the barbie shoes I got my 'Gok on' and with Rosie's help 'Pimped My Dress'!

We took the dress up shorter and made a Hair Bow from the leftovers (these are now for sale online). We also rolled up the sleeves and sewed them into place. To finish it off we lent an Angel Face tutu from Minnie Bee in 'Flying Saucer' . At £58 you should look at one as an investment that can be worn under whatever dress or skirt you like especially if you buy a neutral colour. For £58 I'm sure you'll agree that it (along with a few of my nifty stitches) transforms a £15 dress into a £150 dress!

For todays photoshoot I wanted to give Rosie one of the ' Amy Winehouse' beehives seen at Jean Paul Gaultiers latest catwalk shows. If you wanna rock this look yourself you need to loosely curl your hair with the straightners, backcomb it all over, throw the back up into a french roll leaving the top section flossy, messy and flicked to one side. Set it with a full can of extra strong hairspray.

With the makeup I kept it simple and all about the colour similar to last weeks shoot. For anyone interested these were the products of choice...

1. Eyes: Peaches 'Lemon Cake' Dust (COMING SOON!). A thick black flicked Illamasqua cake liquid liner. 2 Sets of Peaches NEW style 55 Strip eyelashes.

2. Base: Lancome Color Ideal liquid foundation in 04. Mac Blot Powder in Medium. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Deep. Mac Powder Blushers Full Fushia and Peaches mixed. Mac Vanilla Pigment to highlight.

3. Lips: A mixture of Barry M lip paints 147 and 52.

For anyone who fancies experimenting with colour this spring I think this is a fairly easy look to replicate.

I hope this inspires everyone to start recycling their clothes and pimping dresses. Its so much fun, so rewarding and I'm off to Manchester Northern Quarter tomorrow to scour for more pimp worthy frocks so watch this space!

Big Peach xxx