Last night it was my brother's 21st birthday party,of all things he wanted a 70's themed house party.

As soon as I found out, I knew it would be another chance for me an my bessy Sarah to get crafty so we sat "googlin" and found this picture of Jackson 5. I knew straight away that was what we were going as. There was 5 to start with until I found out that the party fell on the same day as a friends hen do, which is why we ended up with the name 'Jackson Deux'. With a few trips to my fav fabric shop and many blisters from the glue gun we had our  homemade costumes!

I pimped the house ; we had a massive tent set up in the garden that was the disco room, our very own studio 54 bar and a hippy style cocktail bar in the garage, along with every other room in the house covered in decorations for the occasion.

Anyone who has been to a fancy dress party must know the funniest part is when everyone arrives an you cant breathe laughing at how funny everyone looks. My mum walked straight past my sister not even recognising her an my brother nearly fell to the floor when I walked in the room. As you can probably all see from the pics the best dressed award had to go to Michael's friend Sculley who went as Mr T.(who actually super glued the strip of hair on to his head)

The party was amazing, everyone boogied the night away an even though it was hard work putting 10 sets of fairy lights up, an covering  the tent in 0ver 100 feet of 70's scene setters  in temperatures of -5 degrees it was worth every sniffle i've had from my cold this week to see my lil bro move on the dance floor like he was the real John Travolta.

Hope you all enjoy feeling for a few minutes like you were there at the party looking at the pics. Keep checking out the page this week as there is a video that will be uploaded of the night itself  too.

lots of peachy love

nicola xxx