Dani is one of Peaches regulars, who fell in love with getting 'Peached' when she moved to Liverpool 2 years ago with her partner Brad who plays for Liverpool Football Club.

You may remember reading in the paper about Brad and Dani's heartbreaking story of loosing Brad's son Luca, age 6 , to leukaemia last November. Dani was 5months pregnant when Luca passed and cherishes the moment she managed to tell Luca he was going to have a little Bro, he was so excited by the news! Dani plays a massive part in supporting the inspirational 'Anthony Nolan' charity, which is dedicated to saving the lives of people with blood cancer through donors. She recently ran the marathon to help raise money for the charity as well as organising the 'Light for Luca' charity ball held at the Hilton.

As promised to Dan, I painted her baby bump today as a present from all the Peaches to welcome their new baby boy to the world in 5 weeks time!  ! I loved doing it and its a great idea for any pregnant woman who want to celebrate their bump and get photos that will look amazing hung in your babies nursey.  This is Peaches 2nd Baby Bump to date and we're hoping it may catch on for other pregnant mums to be. We can customise your own design personal to you and your family.

Hope you all like it!

Love Nicola xxx