We had a great time this week helping Rebecca Ferguson prepare for her tour! This week she came home to Liverpool so we were all really pleased when she booked in to have her hair and make up done to mark the special occasion. On the Friday she paid Peaches a visit, Polly did her make up and Nic did her hair for a fundraising event she was doing in Toxteth that day, Kate then went to the Philharmonic Hall after work with Bec to get her ready for the concert! Rebecca kindly gave all the Peaches tickets to go and see her performance that night. She looked incredible  and her performance was equally as amazing. We all really enjoyed the concert and we even made a little banner for Bec to give her our full support!! Big Mare even went to see her the following night - a true fan!!  Both Kate and Nic made a second trip to the Philharmonic again on the Saturday night to make sure Bec looked Peached for her other Liverpool performance! We all agreed Rebecca has a brilliant voice , the concert was a definate must see - we were all really proud of her!! Well Done Bec!!

Peaches xxxx