Make up lessons in the shop have become more and more popular, but todays lesson was that little bit extra special. Today bride to be Rachel booked a make up lesson not for herself, but for her mum, who was going to be applying her make up for her on the day of her wedding. Like a normal lesson I took them through step by step on one side of Rachels face how to do Rachels chosen look, then after much deliberation it was Linda's turn to have a go! At first she was a little apprehensive but soon matched up the other side of Rachels face almost perfectly! Both mother and daughter were shocked at how great the outcome was! I thought it was a lovely idea and made me think of how patient I would be with my mum doing my make up on my my big day... I think the word impatient would be appropriate to use! The lesson was great and we all had a good laugh together and the bride was more than pleased with her bridal makeover... Go Linda!


Polly Peach xxxxx