Back in Sixth Form I had a thing for decorating Bra's. Long forgotten and packed away with the rest of my weird, and some wonderful Arty creations I've  decided to get back on the bra's! So for this weeks 'Pimp My' project I've covered a bra and a pair of heart shaped spec's in Deco Cream and a range of cute Kawaii charms in true Harajuku style!

Piping out the cream (which dry's hard by the way) has gotta be up there with my current top 10 favourite things to do in Kate's world, and is highly addictive. So much so that I'm now planning on decorating bras, glasses, sunglasses and flip flops to sell in the shop for summer! How unreal would this look with a pair of denim shorts in Ibiza, Vegas or wherever you'll be partying away this year!

So keep checking our facebook, twitter and of course the Peaches Blog for updates of when they'll be available to buy!

Next week's 'Pimp My' project will see Pol and Nic transformed from worn out Peaches to Bajan Babes.... oooh nah nah