For Todays daily dose of Peaches creativity my favourite model Little Becky came in to let me experiment with the NEW Peaches Penny Sweet Pigment range! Rosie kindly donated her weave, I pinched afew of Scratchy handmade ghetto accessories from the jewellery cabinet , and within no time at all we were staring at a real life Nicky Minaj ( well a very pale one) , without even realising thats what the plan was! Does that even make sense? Basically NO PLAN = AMAZING CREATION!

This look is all about the 'Colour Clash' my favourite way of putting colours together. Not one for the faint hearted , I've used Marshmallow to highlight, Flying Saucer and Jelly Baby in the socket, Jolly Rancher on the lid , Jelly Bean green to line under the eyes, finished with a strong flicked liquid liner and a set of Peaches 26 eyelashes. The Colour Clash look works best with a neutral base with only a small touch of bronzer creating the essential shadows under the cheekbones! The finally clash comes in the form Bec's Fluoresant Pink Pout courtesy of everyones fave Barry M ( Shade 52)!

I think this is a fairly easy look to replicate if anyone fancies experimenting with colour this summer! All you need is a highlighter (obviously I reccommend our white shimmer pigment Marshmellow) and three other bright shades. Wear the lightest of the three on the lid, the darkest in the crease and the one your left with underneath!

Happy Clashing

Big Peach xxx

P.S. De if your reading this I was kinda channelling the vibe for our easter project!