Hello dolls,

Its my turn to do another blog so here I am all the way from London...I’m oviously having withdrawal symptoms from being away from Peaches for so long! I’ve managed to tear myself away from the distractions to update you on what’s been going on lately.

Last time I blogged I was telling you all about the nails I was going to be doing for Canadian designer Jeffrey Michael for London Fashion Week, well now I can tell you more about it. Jeffery has been designing costumes for big celebs for some time now, he released his debut collection during LFW. The collection was based on elements earth, wind, fire & water and the garments all reflected the colours and textures of these elements. I was asked to create nail art to compliment the collection which included a corset made from little soldier toys and a dress made from key board keys (the keys even spelt out lyrics) and apparently these two garments had interest from some very big stars! I could certainly see someone like Gaga, Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj in these outfits. I sent the stick on nails to the designer in advance ready for the show (the makeup artist applied them), which meant I could just roll up on the afternoon of the show, mingle and get tipsy on free champagne. It was a great experience and a lovely atmosphere, the models were static which meant that they had to stand still for about 3 hours (in heels) poor things, but they looked gorgeous and were showing of my nails with their hands on their hips. I met lots of cool people including Carla who is Jeffrey’s seamstress, all the way from Canada and guess what she absolutely loves Liverpool (obviously) and supports Liverpool F.C. Its such a small world!!!

Next on my list was UK Rock Challenge a huge dance competition (like Britain’s got talent for schools) My colleagues and I took our wonderful school dance troupe to compete in the London heats and we Won!!! This is a massive achievement for a school and I am very proud of my students. The 7 minute show piece based on animal exploitation included scary body popping scientists, electrocuted rats, booty shakin’ African zebras & leopards with attitude( I wanted to join in with this bit), balletic birds, hip hop gorillas and contemporary penguins. We also won awards for best choreography, best set and best makeup design (which i was personally so happy about as I designed the makeup and costume, and with 60 students we only have about  5 mins to paint each students face). It was the proudest moment in my teaching career and my favourite day of teaching in 6 years! Now we have to do it all again in the finals in June! Pressure!

This week I was approached by Orly and asked if I would like to be a Brand Ambassador, as you can imagine I was delighted so I said yes (who wouldn’t?) So from now on I will be working with a lot of Orly colours, blogging about it and eventually uploading videos to my new Youtube channel. I have also just signed up to Pinterest, a great new social networking site, check it out! I will be back in Peaches & Cream over the Easter holidays so girls can come and get their Orly nail art on!!

I will also be taking orders for customised pumps...check out the ‘Peachy Creamy’ pair I pimped up.

See you all soon

Big Love & Pineapples

Scratchy xxx