Handbag of choice:

- Small Chanel handbag

What you'll fit into it:

- Classic Ray Bans to soak up the sun
- Tissues because Aintree always run out of loo roll
- Small bottle of Chanel No.5
- Mobile phone
- Plasters for your sore feet
- Gloves for cold hands
- Lipgloss
- Reading glasses for scouring the racecard
- Money for emergency taxi
- Cough sweets to keep you warm
- The inevitable gum
- Every girl needs her Vaseline for her lips
- Paracetamol
- A tiny pair of foldaway ballerina pumps from Topshop
- A little emergency product for the ladies

You can't go wrong with all of this, ladies! Have a fabulous day. I'm wearing black and white, may see you there and good luck!

Lots of love, Big Mare - aka, Mary Poppins xxx

(It's Rose here - I have to admit, when I first saw Mare's tiny handbag I didn't think it would have any Mary Poppins potential whatsoever. However, when she had half of Boots on the counter and then managed to pull out a pair of SHOES, I actually ate my words and jaw hit the floor, ha ha!) xxx