At Peaches, although we love experimenting with all sorts of colours and concoctions, we have one signature look that is suitable for every occasion. We found that our classic Peaches smokes were the most sought after look for the Grand National 2012.

Our classic Peaches smokes consist of a creamy colour on the lid, a chocolate brown blended socket and some black to add depth and shape to the corners. The great thing about this look is that it is fresh enough to wear in the day but it is still powerful enough to make you feel like you're all glammed up. Considering that a day at the Races can start obscenely early to make time for a champagne breakfast, this is the perfect look to carry you from day to night.

Although this look is very classic, our clients made sure they put an individual stamp on theirs by matching their blusher and lip colour to suit the tone of their outfit.

Here's a gallery of all of our looks today, send us a tweet @PeachesMakeup and let us know which ones are your favourites. Are there any looks in particular you'd like to learn? Let us know and we will blog a tutorial for you.

Lots of love, Rose Peach xx