Hey girls Hope your all excited for the races. With the shop being so busy with makeup appointments i have not been able to take any appointments for hair, so here's a little step by step D.I.Y hairdo for you all that i'm sure will still make you stand out from the rest ...

you will need 1 bunring , 1 Peaches pony , 1 fish plait and a pack of sleep in rollers all available in store.

step 1 sleep in your sleep in rollers
step 2 backcomb crown and attach a cut bunring horizontally
step 3 attach peaches pony
step 4 backcomb own hair over the peaches pony
step 5 add fish plait if needed
step 6 style fringe .... an you are good to go !!!

If you fancy a pony simply follow all these step an grab the hair up in to bobble and if you feel your hairs not long enough simply add another pony lower down like shown in the pic above.  then to put the cherry on the cake add a lovley mareband bow

hope this help you all girls lots of love Nicola xxx