Who I'm backing and why...

2.00pm - Big Bucks
This is my first tip because it's a nap! I would have gone with Crack Away Jack after my son Jack but he is not a contender in my eyes.

2.30pm - Pearl Swan
It was my Pearl wedding anniversary in January this year, and also last Halloween I came to Peaches as Black Swan.

3.05pm - What a Friend
I chose this one because I don't have lots of friends but the ones I do have are very special to me.

3.40pm - Bow School
Just for the name and the fun of it! How could I not after the millions of Marebows I've made, ha ha.

4.15pm - Song Sung Blue
This one is to wish Everton good luck for Wembley.

4.50pm - Pepite Rose
After my beautiful daughter Rosie - love you Roey - and our Petite Rose Peach!

5.25pm - Shoegazer
How many times do us women stare at all the fantastic shoes in the shops and can't decide which pair to buy? Speaking of footwear, my most important tip for today is for the girlies. Take flip flops for those tired and sore feet going home.

I hope you have a great day at the Races today! Love from Mare xxx