Firstly I apologise for how big today's gallery is.... thanks to my models Kharyce and Becky the pics were just too cute to send to trash!

I discovered the Date Megane trend in Hong Kong! Meaning 'Show off glasses' in japanese the trend to massive all over asia. Needless to say this week... I've been pimping glasses!

Each pair is unique and only available to purchase from our online shop.

For today's shoot Little Becky was the obvious choice for 'put it in your pocket' cuteness however new peach Kharyce definately won the pose off with her signature cerise pink pout ( she goes through 1 tube of Barry M Bubblegum glossy tube every week!) Laiden in all my finest wears ( it was like dress up as Kate day) , sporting the coolest wigs ever invented, I topped the look off with my COMING SOON range of cute Marebows made from japanese fabric. And as if by magic my new Jeremy Scott panda trainies arrived just in time. Also on hand to help take the pics and keep the wigs in place was Peaches little helper Stephy B!

I think I've finally sold the girls on my 'jumble sale' style, sad to take it all off I think they now agree that showing off and standing out makes you feel good.... my motto is ' if it makes you happy wear it!'

Big Peach xxx