Meet Nadia our neighbour who runs the flower stall in the arch next door to Peaches. Nadia has been working on the stall since she was born ( literally) and she took over from her mum with her brother Stuey once she left school.

Even on the coldest day  Nad can be found huddled round her gas heater desperately trying to keep warm as she works. Since we first met her me and Nic have always said how much we'd love to make her over, not only does she deserve the treat she also has the most amazing hair, gorgeous eyes and a certain swag if you know what I mean.

Nadia takes phone orders ( 07403198732) and also delivers locally. In a time of multi national takeover I think its important we all support our local buisnesses and help each other sustain what we've worked so  hard to build up.

Anyway, enough of the deep stuff, back to what I do best ....

Big Peach xxx