Hey everyone, Rose and Big Mare here.

While all the girls have been thrashing out glitter smokes left, right and centre, I've had a different perspective this morning... I'm the hostess with the mostess on the till, trying my hardest to fill the inimitable shoes of Big Mare.

We love working on the till because you really get the impact of the makeovers. One minute girls are walking in telling us that they don't know how they've managed to get out of bed (our earliest appointments were at 6.30am) and in no time at all, the same girl will come swanning down the stairs looking absolutely stunning and that's without the rest of the day's garb.

Today was great getting to spend some quality time with Mare, and I even did her makeup for her own trip to Aintree. She looked stunning in a monochrome Chanel attire!

We love all our clients and wish them so much luck today at the Races. Hope they win plenty of pennies to start saving up for next year's Ladies Day!xxx