Hey everyone, it's Rose here!

Today is my first day back at Peaches in ages, I have been buried under a mass of Uni work for a few weeks and so I've been really looking forward to getting back to the shop. Even though I've been gone a while nothing has changed... if you know the Peaches, you won't be surprised to hear how the day has gone so far:

- I've been eyeing up all of the hair pieces to go with my new blonde do

- Big Mare has got everyone a round of coffee and has been telling us all funny stories, including the day she got told off for letting Roey go to Aintree with her mates on a school day

- Katie Hayes is sporting a big bun ring and chatting about nights out

- Steph Blower is giving us all the lowdown on her favourite thing... Twitter

- Nic is whipping up big Barbie Doll hair dos and making jaws drop throughout the shop

- Polly Win is wearing a tribal print and encouraging pre-sunrise glitter smokes

- Kate is bouncing about in kawaii glasses and showing me the new bits she's made for the shop this week

- De has rocked up wearing every colour under the sun, and she's even got her hair in on the rainbow action with a coloured quiff!

I've been in a different spot today. I'm helping Big Mare on the till (i.e. sitting with a copy of the Echo and picking who we're going to bet on today - don't forget to read up on her tips for today by clicking here) and taking photos of all of our clients. It is always so funny to see girls that come in half asleep and emerge looking red-carpet ready! Always a busy body, I couldn't resist emulating a few of my favourite styles and before I knew it I had told Nic to order me a full weave for my own trip to Chester Races in May this year.

As a student, I'm aware that lots of girls in Liverpool will be watching their pennies (if only our loans came in a week earlier!) so if you're after a budget look for the races, here's what I would suggest.

- With Bodycare in town, you've got no excuse not to have gorgeous hair. Take a trip there and get a few packs of rollers - they're normally about a pound each. If they've sold out (which they might have done with the build up to the races) be sure to try Home Bargains as well. Blow dry your hair and then put your rollers in while it's still hot. As it cools it will keep the shape of the rollers.

- Come to Peaches for some Barry M essentials. You can't go wrong with their bright lip colours - they'll stay put all day and won't cost you an arm and a leg. I'd recommend a lipstick in shade 147 if you want a Peachy look, a number 2 gloss tube if you want a natural lip with a pearly sheen or a number 5 gloss wand if you're going pretty in pink.

- It is my personal belief that every girl has pretty eyes - why not accentuate yours with a pair of lashes? Don't be alarmed at the thought of applying them, if you get the Peaches lashes in no.9 (a fluttery pair) the band is really curved meaning that it sits on your eye very softly and applies itself.

- The most powerful accessory, and one that is completely free, is a big smile! Don't be on Perez Hilton's 'Atrocities at Aintree' list tomorrow - let your smile do the talking and let your confidence shine through.

Hope you all have a fab day at the Races. I will be at the till armed with a Duo lash glue and some cotton buds to save the day if any of you get teary at how gorgeous you look and find that your eyes are running.

For the next 2 days I am going to be live blogging and tweeting all of the Peaches happenings so be sure to send me lots of tweets @Peachesmakeup and let me know which looks you like the most. If any looks are particularly popular we will be sure to do a blog tutorial for them.

Love from Rose xxxx