Inspired by the photos from the races, this week I set the girls a creative challenge... to produce a novelty hat. They have spent all week winding each other up, bigging up their own creations over twitter trying to physce each other out. Today is judgement day! They all arrived bright and early clutching carrier bags each apologising for how bad there attempts where... to be honest I think it was last minute nerves! Nothing that a few ghds and a bit of lippy couldn't sort.

And so the contenders for Peaches Maddest Hatter are.....

1. Bird of Paradise. Created by Baby Peach Nicola with pastel coloured lego  . Look close and you will see its actually a tropical bird to match those on her new dress.

2. Pic ' a' Peach. Polly Win's wide brimmed sun hat decorated with photos of the Peaches and  all of our favourite inhouse sayings. Finished off with a vintage Mareband for colour. Why? Because she loves us all so much!

3. Lady Bug. Little Katie's red and black masterpiece. A classy black straw hat decorated with a giant Ladybird handmade from handpainted playdough and a handsewn red spotty bow. She even went the extra mile with Lady Bird eyeshadow.

4. Rosey Posey. Created by Kharyce who recycled her 2007 Ladies Day fascinator and fashioned it into a colourful pot of roses in her signature shade of Hot Pink. A strong contender for the title with her matching shoes!

5. DJ Dazzle. Created by our inhouse groovy chick Roey. It was always going to be a hard job to fill big sister Eyeleen's shoes. Big shoes to fill.

6. Afternoon Tea ( modelled by Lizzie) one of Bigmare's 3 hats in the race. Fashioned from china tea cups, cake cases, coloured eggs, pom poms, ribbons and a sprinkle of glitter.

7. Miss Popcorn. Mare's favourite concoction made from real popcorn  with matching sunglasses. Proof that Mare can make anything happen with a glue gun.

8. Peaches & Cream. Created by Mare on one of her more menaplausal days! The jury's still out on this.

9. Minnies Day at the Park. Crafted by our adopted peach Tanya, the brains behind THIRtEEN fashion next door. More experienced than the other runners her finished result does not disappoint. With extreme attention to detail she has created a mini lawn  decorated with windmills, butterflys, flowers and most importantly her beloved french bulldog Minnie. Toooooo cute.

So there you have it... all strong contenders, but who is the Maddest Peach? I have secured a special impartial judge to pick a winner, so keep your eye's on the blog to see who's will be  crowned The Maddest hatter.