Today I went to get the one and only "Amy Childs" ready for a day of filming for something new and exciting!

I knew I couldnt turn up without a bit of a glitter smoke for her, so today I wore  pretty much the same makeup as yesterday except these colours and glitters on my eyes ...

Vanilla pigment , Gummy bear (gold) , pink shrimp , kid , black (carbon) as liner with number 28 lashes and the glitters were both barry m silver and pink mixed!

I used M.A.C's pink swoon on the cheeks !

I turned up at the hotel to be greeted by Amy's lovely cousin Harry who opened the door in a pair of multicoloured boxies !! Still dont no if my scream was more the shock of seeing him in general or the fact he was half naked but either way it was a pleasant suprise haha! Love Harry !

Amy was lovely she belongs in Liverpool ! I had her sayin her smokes looked "Boss!" within minutes. She was lovin the glitter smokes and i'm looking forward to pimpin her again !

Amy wore ...

Vanilla, chocolate coin, kid, and even though it was a day look still alot of black !

Straight away when showing Amy the choice of peaches lashes she decided for the 26's which oviously are thickest fullest lashes to date , but when trying them on her we both decided 2 sets of number 9 suited her better.

For her base she had 05 lancome colour ideal , contoured bronzer and dolly mix blusher with vanilla on her cheek bones!

And of course as seen in the pics she has her "sleep in rollers" in !!!

Hope you all like her makeup ! Nic xx