This week my whipped cream fetish has reached new heights and despite an initial slow response the trend is starting to catch on.

At the weekend Dax finally craved in and helped me turn the spare room into a art room, I think he was sick of living, eating and  breathing (literally as the cream smells before it dries) my creations. I think we now only have one knife in the whole house that isn't covered in super glue or dried cream! Who cares though the result is worth it when you see some of this weeks cute creations.

Aswell as creaming more glasses, flip flops, making my blythe some matching glasses and making Amy Childs some flip flops I've managed to squeeze in a special request for the ultimate 'Pimp my Dress'.

Anne Marie and her two daughters Lucy and Jess have been coming to Peaches from the beginning. We've peached them for every big family occasion over the years, and Anne Marie is known to shed the odd tear at how special we make them feel! Tonight is her party for her 40th Birthday, so we are expecting alot of tears!!!! Anne Marie adores her too girls and always makes sure they have the best of everything. This week she's excelled herself as the coolest Mum by commissioning me to make a Katy Perry style dress for Lucy Rose to wear to tonight's party. As you can all imagine I've been in my element with this task!

Last night they came in for the grand reveal! It was like a seen from Jim'll fix it! I'm so made up they loved it as much as me... it's kinda sad when you have to hand over something you've poured so much love into, but always so rewarding when you see it going to a good home.

Tonight they are all in for makeup I can't wait to see the final result when it's all put together!

The glasses are all now available to buy instore and online. We have sunglasses and geek glasses in both kids and adults sizes. I am also taking orders for flip flops which are 20 pounds.

Hope you all have a good bank holiday! Unfortunately mine is going to be a carb free one as it's chester races next week, I actually think the fake cream satisfys  any cake cravings I might of had!

Big Peach xxx