Hey everyone, it's Rose here.

It's the day after Chester Races and we're all in work reminiscing about yesterday's antics! We've all had a Sayers to wake us up and we've got loads of clients in today who are headed for the races themselves so it's almost like we're still in on the fun.

Polly has suggested that it might be funny to tell the story of the day according to the ten funniest moments... I'll let you fill in the gaps.

10. Sampling Nicola J's Skittle Vodka
I think I speak for the team when I say that Nic's skittle vodka concoction looked anything but appetising. She'd left some skittles in a bottle of vodka to dissolve overnight, and the result was a drink that looked like a bit of a Wotsits cocktail - orange with a frothy topcoat! Once we had mixed it with a bit of lemonade, however, we were all eating our words because it actually tasted lovely. That showed us for judging the book by it's cover!

9. Big Mare and P.Did to the Rescue
Imagine the scenario. It's ten to eight, the minibus taking us home has been booked to arrive at the Town Hall for eight (we have no clue where the Town Hall is) and we are still using the tie of a suited and booted gambler as a limbo rope on the dancefloor. Noticing the time, we scrambled to gather the troops and raced to the Town Hall, hoping that our driver had waited for us. Who was there, waiting to wave us off, and kindly reminding the cab driver to wait for us... Big Mare and Paul, Kate's mom and dad! They saw us off with a big hug and managed to make sure that we didn't miss the bus.

8. Kharyce's Extra Accessory
Everyone knows that the biggest joker at Peaches is Kate's boyfriend, Dax. He is always cracking a joke but even if it is at your expense you can't help but laugh because he's hilarious. Yesterday he turned his attention to Kharyce because he'd noticed that there was a certain accessory, her white underwear, that was perhaps more apparent than she'd have hoped for. Unfortunately her dress was sheer, revealing a very prominent 'v' on her behind, so she ended up having an al-fresco races experience.

7. Making Friends
Yesterday was quite a day for meeting new people, and I believe that everything happens in 3's so it was no surprise that we found 3 notable characters along the way in Chester. First up we were all delighted to meet Harry from Big Brother! He was really friendly and had a nice group of mates with him, and didn't mind when we all pestered him for a million and one photographs. On the way out of the racecourse we met a lovely gypsy fortune teller called Carole and she gave us all a bit of sentimental advice. Then we found Steph from Take Me Out doing some promo work and she stood and chatted us about the show.

6. The Dress Disaster
I'd brought a gorgeous halterneck vintage dress for the races, and because it had a low back I hadn't worn a bra. Imagine my sheer terror when I felt something pop on the back of my neck mid-dance move and the clasp had gone on the dress!! Luckily I caught it just in time to avoid baring all at Chester, and the girls successfully gripped it into my hair. What a catastrophe! Polly caught the funniest photo of me in horror grabbing the dress by the neck.

5. The Train Police
Determined to make the most of our day out, the partying began on the train from Liverpool to Chester. Steph had brought an iPod and speakers with her and so we cracked open the bubbly and had a sing-a-long on the train, but all of a sudden two stern men in hi-vis jackets were stood over us in disdain... as Kate called them, the train police. Undeterred, we reassured them that we were only having some fun together and in no way causing trouble, and so the next thing the train police actually turned into our designated photographers, capturing loads of snaps of us.

4. Hell in Heels
When I was getting dressed and throwing on my killer Kurt Geiger heels, I hadn't really considered the fact that I'd be doing a lot of standing and walking all day. By 3 o'clock my feet were ready to fall off and I really couldn't bear it! Luckily, Big Mare (Queen of the Mary Poppins bag - remember her Chanel bag for Aintree, bursting with essentials?) had some slippers in her bag and kindly gave them to me. My dress was floor length and very long so my feet were covered, so I spent the rest of the day in luxury and enjoying the day. It really did make my day!

3. Diva in Arriba
Not happy with the subtle harmonies that were accompanying the bars at the races, Nic insisted that a bar called Arriba plugged her iPod in and the next thing the whole racecourse was subject to a load of classic party tunes! We made a little dance floor and danced the day away with our favourite accessory, entry no.2...

2. ...Tanya's Dress
Think back to your P.E. lessons in school when you were really little. Do you remember that big sheet that you used to all have to hold and then flare up in the air and dive under? Well, Tanya's extra long maxi-dress was full of layers and so we started to do that with it. With a 6 metre circumference to dive around in, she looked like a figurine on top of a wedding cake!

1. Champagne Breakfast at Oddfellows
Starting the day with some breakfast to prepare for the races, we took to the gorgeous Oddfellows in Chester. The decor was out of this world and the food was absolutely lovely. We made sure that we made the most of the peeps of sunshine by stepping out into the garden to finish our drinks after breakfast.  

All in all we had a brilliant day at the races. Hopefully next year will be just as fun! Did we Peach you for the races? If so, tag us in your Facebook photos so we can have a look at your outfits.

Love Rose xxx