As you may have seen over the past few months, Peaches has been all about the eyewear! Since Kate came back from Hong Kong shes been on a mission to make quirky glasses as popular here as they were over there! Whilst in China, she discovered a designer called Timbee Lo, who makes all kinds of cool and crazy glasses and couldn't resist buying herself a pair with a silver cherub on the side! Along with the chinese fashion, the inspiration behind all the pimped up glasses comes from a variety of designers. Firstly Jaesyn Burke designs amazing kitsch glasses sold on the Patricia Field site, if you look through the pictures they are the Barbie and Betty Boop glasses!! Then there is A-morir glasses as seen on the likes of Rihanna, Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj! From blinged up glasses to studs to horns to hearts they are definately showstopping!

We thought we would talk you through a few tips on how to pimp and glitz up your own glasses, the perfect accessory for festivals or your summer hols or even just to brighten up the miserable weather we've been having!!

Firstly you need to get a pair of sunglasses, you can get really good cheap pairs from Primark or Ebay! We all know Geek Chic has come back with a vengance and to get the look you can just pop the lenses out of the glasses!

For all your crystals and charms, you can find all kinds of stuff on eBay ! You can get packs of Swarovski crystals from for £2.47 and they come with a jewel setter which is kind of a little stick which helps you hold all the tiny fiddly crystals and set them directly where you want. Make sure to get charms and crystals with flat backs so they can stick directly to the glasses.

You will need a good glue to stick your crystals and charms on to make sure they don't fall off!  The best glues to use are Gem- Tak from which is £6.05 or Hypo fabric cement from for £4.49. If you find the surface too shiny to stick the crystals, you can always use sand paper to make it rougher.

When it come to the placements of all your bits and bobs, there are no rules! Just place them where you feel is best and where will compliment your face :) Heavier charms are best placed on the top bar of the gigs!

For this blog Kate blinged up a pair of science goggles for an extra big surface, a very Gaga/Minaj esque look! You can buy these online or route out your old pair from school!

We hope you feel inspired from the blog to get creative and feel free to email us some pics of your creations to!!

Rosie xxx