Dax, Droops, whatever you wanna call him ( my other half) is sick of all the attention I get whenever we go out and I'm wearing my pimped vans. So last week he craved in and decided to let me make him a pair. I wanted to get him the pull ons because thats what he normally wears but we couldn't find white ones anywhere in town. Originally the plan was to make him a 'boy' coloured version of mine, but after starting I realised I was gonna find it a chore unless I was doing something different.

Inspired by Mexican Sugar skulls, 80's prints and my 70's psychedelic poster book the end result really is abit of a concoction. Aswell as using the posca markers like last time I've also used acrylic paint.

I've had loads of interest in people wanting a pair and I really wish I could take on the orders but I just don't have the time as each pair takes me atleast a week while I'm watching the telly at night. One of our clients and her friend have actually had a go at DIY Vans since my first blog!

To DIY your own Vans ....

You will need Uni posca markers and or acrylic paint sold at Rennies Art shop in bold street.

Make a list of all the things you like and find images from google that you can copy from.

Do one section at a time drawing a pencil outline of your design first.

Fill in the block base colours first allowing each colour to dry first before you apply another so that your colours don't bleed into each other.

Add the detail and outlines last using extra thin black and white posca markers.

If your inspired and brave enough to have a go please tweet, email or facebook us your pictures, I'd love to see them and if we get enough I can put a gallery on our blog.

Happy Pimping!

Big Peach xx