Kelly is one of our gorgeous regular clients at Peaches! Shes always coming in with her daughter Daisy who is the cutest little girl! We even named one of our glitters after her!

Kelly's story and why I'm writing this blog is very difficult to put into words..... I always remember the first time Kelly told me how she'd ended up on crutches and what had actually happened to her. I was and still am speechless.. shocked, amazed, inspired the list goes on. I admire and respect her so much for how she's got on with life, made something of herself, is such a good mum and is also trying to use her experience to help others. Kelly has dealt with her situation so well that when I first met her (I don't watch Hollyoaks so hadn't seen her in the wheelchair) I actually just thought she had sprained her ankle, hence the crutches. The way she talks, her personality, the way she acts, the skyscraper heels she wears... you'd just never guess she was paralysed.

At 21, Kelly contracted Guillian- Barre syndrome which left her partially paralysed. I don't want to get any facts wrong so you may be better to google the exact story. After a few bouts of pins and needles, Kelly suddenly collapsed and become paralysed.  She is currently running a campaign called Invisible Mums which is a campaign to raise awareness of disabled mothers in order to help them get more support and help. It is such an amazing cause!

Things many people take for granted such as being able to lay your baby down for a nap, pushing a pram or even breast feeding can be an impossible task for many disabled mothers.

Please take time to watch the below video of Kelly talking about her life and some of the struggles she has in being an invisible mum! You can't help but be affected by such a positive person!

Follow Kelly on twitter, @kellymariestewa and share her story with all your friends and family. We need to help her raise awareness so that the government take notice and do more to help people like her.

Big Peach x