This week our gorgeous cousin Claire is over from Canada with her husband Dave and two amazing kids Ben and Lily! Lily's been itching to hit Peaches since she stepped foot off the plane! As soon as she came to the shop she was trying on the creamed glasses and barbie shoes! She looked the perfect little Peach after I gave her  our signature Baby Cream makeover. Bigmare treated her  to an Angel Face Tutu from  Minnie Bee boutique next door. And as you all know , no Peaches photoshoot is complete without one of our cute wigs to put the cherry on the cake!

We just wish they lived over here so they can come live in Peaches with us too! Hopefully Lily is gonna grow up to open the first international Peaches in Vancouver :)! After today I think we've definately planted the seed in her head!

We love our Canucks xxx