As the festival season is in full swing, we thought it would be good to tell you how to do your own skinjackin!

Skinjackin is done using waterproof markers called uni POSCA markers! They come in every colour and a variety of different tip widths and they range from £2 to £4. You can get them from Rennies on Bold Street. They have a special offer on at the moment of 4 pens for the price of 3!

The pens are better than face and body paints as they dry quickly and don't rub off at all, which is good as they don't rub off onto your clothes, you have to literally scrub them off!

The best way to skinjack is to draw in your colours as a base then outline with a thin tip black marker and a thin tip white marker. Its so easy to do! Especially just writing names or quotes, drawing flowers and peace signs which are all ideal for festivals!

You can get inspiration from everywhere, today Kate copied a drawing from her ultraviolet 70s art book! If you look through the pics you can see all the types of things you can do with them :)

Check out the skinjackin' pros at They are amazin!

Happy SkinJackin' xxxx