Omg, what a day!

Last week Kate told me that the Look magazine wanted to do an article about us being "friends in business ". Anyone who knows me and Kate knows that as much as we both have Peach blood we couldnt be more different,  we sometimes say thats why the business has worked so well because opposites attract! Whenever people comment on how great it is too see two friends with their own business we both curl up and cringe! I always say when that you are constantly working an moving forward with the business its hard to take a step back and take it all in.

Normally we would shy away from things like this but since the blog has gone up we know you all love anything and everything that we all get up to so we decided to do it for fun, even though we were both freaked out by the fact that someone else would be doing our hair and makeup, plus bringing us clothes!

When the styling team arrived today they had brought a floaty pink dress with purple heels for me. As you all know... I don't do FLOATY! I ran into the back and threw on one of my barbie inspired outfits but they said it wasnt "business" enough and looked to "clubby". Don't think she realised I'd just got back from Marbs an that it was far from my type of clubwear! After about 10 costumes changes and one unamused peach I was ready for my pictures ( not before my number 28s were confiscated)!

Once we started I was happy in my own Zara shirt with some lovely floral shorts.

We all had a laugh, even though I'm dreading seeing the pics! You will all be able to view them in next Tuesdays issue , my face should as usual look funny!

Nic xx