For our blog followers that don't already know, ' The Blower's' are a family of die hard Peaches addicts. Since they lost their Peaches virginity in our Garston Old Road salon they been hooked... and booked for every occasion imaginable since.

We found out Lauren ' Blower' was pregnant on New Years Eve and she's been texting me since about May wondering when the bump would be ripe enough to get painted! A hippie chick at heart and a huge gaga fan I've been dying to get my mitt's on Lauren's Bump.

After surfing the net for inspiration I decided I wanted the painting to be more personal to the people involved. I got Lauren to text me loads of info about her and Carlos' relationship....Dates, Places, Fun times, Bad times.....

This is what I came up with. The central focus is a record called ' Love Shy'. It signifies Lauren meeting Carlos in the Pleasure rooms where he DJ'ed at the time. ' Love Shy' always being played as the last song of the night. I've also included an Eiffel Tower to represent their suprise trip to Paris for Valentines Day, as well as some Haribo Starmix falling out the sky- Carlos proposed last year using a Haribo ring when they went to Glastonbury together. Lauren has nicknamed her baby 'Pepper' since the start of the pregnancy so I wanted to find a way of also including this. I found a cool graphic of a pepper shaker cartoon character that I've drawn sprinkling pepper down onto the bump. Finally Lauren told me a story about getting burnt on holiday when the pair fell out for the day.... hence the text at the bottom being written in sunblock.

It really is the little details that make this piece so unique. Lauren loved it, and I think ' Pepper' did by all the moving around!

Please call the shop on 0151 227 1669 if you would like to get your bump painted... prices start from 40 pounds depending on what you want and how much time is required.

Looking forward to painting more bumps....

Big Peach xx