Lately I've been so busy... from 'pimpin' trainers to creaming boxes... you'd think I'd actually forgotten that I'm a makeup artist!

Fear not though this week I've decided to concentrate on my makeup. When looking for makeup inspiration I thought I'd start with Queen of Blending. If you've never heard of her... google her. She has amazing looks on her twitter and facebook pages, aswell as cool tutorials on youtube. I love to watch you tube tutorials and I'm fascinated by the different techniques others use to produce such great results. Today I thought I'd experiment a la queen of blending style.

Firstly instead of the Peaches famous foundation and powder to prep the eyelid, I used a thick laura mercier concealor on the lid then applied my pigment directly ontop. I have to say I'm impressed, the colour went on more intense and did not crease.

I used Mac Pro pigments in Neo Orange and Neo Pink on the lid with a mix of Peaches pigments Parma Violet and Jolly rancher in the socket, which created more of a magenta purple. Did you realise you can mix your pigments together before you apply them to create new shades? Try it! I've then layered Peaches Neon Glitters Baby Kitty, Baby Lola and Baby Rosie  ontop of the colours on the lid.

I've then tried the coloured eyebrow technique out, using Peaches Everton Mint pigment mixed with Illamasqua sealing gel . This actually looked really good and alot more wearable than I expected. I would also reccommend getting an Illamasqua sealing gel for turning your pigments into coloured liquid eyeliner, it's a handy little trick for your makeup bag!

I've also applied the Everton Mint pigment under the eye layered with Peaches Debbie Glitter.

The look was finally finished off with Peaches No 28 and No 29  lashes layered.

All of the above Peaches products are available to buy instore or from our online shop.

I've really enjoyed experimenting today, it's given me a taste for more.

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on my cousin Sophie's eyes tommorrow afternoon so watch this space.

Big Peach x