This week we had another request for a unusual make-up , Alfie McCaughran father of one of our  most regular clients Lauren walks into the shop asking to look like the original Jack Nicholson version of the "Joker" to party and celebrate the launch of his "Joker boat" down at the Albert dock!

Alfie is owner of Hollywood barge boats and is currently launching his new "Beatles " theme boat which I was lucky enough to experience partying on last week, Its like a new limo style service but on water and a million times better! I felt like I was in hard days night hotel ! The decor in their is amazing.

With a quick Google of who Jack Nicholson was I whipped up this makeover!

I am so excited to plan more nights partying on the barge boat with all the Peaches :) !

Big Happy Birthday shout out to the one an only Herbert of Liverpool who celebrated his birthday bash on the beatles barge this week too!

Nicky J xxx