We were all so excited when we heard our Peach Rosaleen Gallagher had bagged herself an internship at Vogue!  What an amazing opportunity! She started a few weeks ago in the Beauty department and has apparently been chewing all the Vogue workers ears off about Peaches.  She rang Kate and told her to send some products in to the office for them all to get a taste of what Peaches is about!

As we all know Kate doesn't do things by halves. What started of as an idea to cream a box, snowballed into three boxes, which then gave birth to three tiered wedding cake! She spent all afternoon at her creaming station creating this masterpiece!

The cake is like the ultimate Peaches makeup box. The bottom tier consists of essential Peaches accessories, marebands, marebows, Kawaii nails and our customised sunglasses! The second layer is packed full of Peaches eyelashes in all different styles. The top layer has our whole penny sweet pigment and glitter range.

Kate wrote them a cover letter telling them all about the Peaches story. The best part of this morning and afternoon was spent finding a big enough box and wrapping it in the only colour it could be... Peaches hot pink! We all blew a wish on the cover letter and the parcel was sent on its way with a sprinkle of glitter for luck!

Wish we could see Roses reaction to the parcel arriving at Vogue tomorrow! We hope shes had the best three weeks there and that our little present will give her that extra bit of luck to become a permanent Peach at Vogue (not that she needs it)!

We all miss Rose loads and can't wait to hear all her exciting stories about her Beauty internship!

For those wondering, we aren't selling the makeup boxes in the salon but if anyone would like them making for a special occasion you can call the salon on 01512271669 or email peaches@fabulousmakeup.co.uk. Prices start at £200 :)