Big blog week continues.... Kate and I spent this week thinking about what we could do for this weeks mega makeover sesh.  We had a few different ideas, cartoons, pop art , superheroes , Andy Warhol pics... loads!! We thought we would just incorporate them all into one!! With a little help from the cutest , most doll like girls in Liverpool, Soph and Little Bec we set to work on creating our own cartoon/comic strip but obviously a Peaches version with some 'wow' worthy make up!! We even had our own true to life Peaches story line! Using our new 'Sugarpill' make up that we ordered in this week and some of our Lime Crime brights we created two Peach esq cartoon characters 'Pop' and 'Wow'!!! We had a good laugh transforming the girls and definitely think the photos show this!! Makeovers of the week by a mile!!

Pol and Kate Don xxxx